Thursday, December 11, 2014


This isn't revisionist.

It is the truth.

The important lesson to be learned is: never trust a leftist.

It was hardcore leftists, the North Vietnamese communists, who violated the Paris Peace Accords.

It was 'softcore' leftists, the Democrats, who cut off funding for the South Vietnamese government.

Even so, South Korea might have been able to resist its evil northern brother. But in contrast to the US's unilateral retreat once the Dems controlled Congress, North Vietnam's powerful communist allies, the USSR and China, kept pouring troops, logistical support and all kinds of military hardware inside North Vietnam.

The result was the collapse of South Vietnam, the Boat People, hundreds of thousands in re-education camps, a decade of American efforts and terrible bloodletting for nothing ... and the installment of a communist dictatorship yielding power from Hanoi to Saigon... a dictatorship that exists to this day.

Thanks but no thanks, Demonrats.

Why this post now?

Simple. We risk seeing history repeated. Iraq's government is corrupt and in the long term it may turn out that islam is truly and really a system humanity must either wipe out or starve to death if it is to be released from its burden. As long as there is no definitive proof of that, Iraq must be supported and given a chance to serve as a breeding ground, a dreadfully barren one, admitted, for democracy and for transformation of islam into at least something harmless to the other belief systems and societal models with which it shares this world.

This is a process which may indeed take hundreds of years. You can't undo 1,400 years of wrongheadedness in a mere couple of decades.

So we must keep supporting Iraq. Just as the US should have kept supporting South Vietnam (which was itself far from an ideal democracy, but still very preferable to its northern sibling).

This post also serves as a reminder that Democrats don't give a jolt about the lives of American soldiers. They were willing to reduce the sacrifice of 50,000 plus American troops and a multitude of maimed and wounded to naught for the sake of their immoral political agenda.

They are willing to do that AGAIN. We have been able to witness that this week, with the shameful release of Feinstein's 'report' regarding CIA operations in the WOT.

Never trust a leftist. Not now. Not ever. Nowhere.


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