Wednesday, December 24, 2014


My oh my those poor Fwench, they seem to have a sudden bout of Funny In The Headism lately. A Frenchman attacked police officers in a precinct in Joue-les-Tours last Saturday with a knife and was subsequently shot down. On Sunday, another Frenchman rammed his car in groups of people in several locations in Dijon, ultimately wounding 13. Frenchman #3 on Monday plowed his van in a crowd of people on a Christmas Market in Nantes. And just today, Frenchman #4 was arrested as he approached Nice's Forville market, armed with, amongst others, two pump action shotguns.

BUT DO NOT WORRY, this has all nothing to do with terrorism, all these poor people are simply suffering from "mental illness", there's absolutely no reason to link this to terrorism, and certainly not to islamic terrorism, even though all these fine upstanding citizens were hollering "Allahu Akbar"!

Our bros in arms at Gates of Vienna supplied the following video:

And don't miss Mark Steyn's take on the story:

"~Is it relevant that Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley is a Muslim? Maybe not. But it isn't so irrelevant that every news outlet (including Fox) has to be quite so cautious about mentioning it at all. Newsday, one of the few papers that did, reported the view of Robert Boyce, the NYPD's Chief of Detectives:

Boyce said Brinsley had no gang affiliation or tattoos. His family is Muslim but the NYPD found no indication that he was religious or that the slaying was motivated by religion. He said the family said he never manifested "any radicalization."

So the preferred explanation is mental illness:

The shooter may have had an undiagnosed mental illness, according to his family, and may have been on medication "later on in life," Boyce said in a briefing in Manhattan. But he said he had no official reports of any mental illness.

Indeed. In fact, there's less hard evidence for any mental illness than there is for "radicalization", at least to the extent that Brinsley appears to have posted on his Facebook page the Koranic soundbite about "striking fear into the enemies of Allah". Nevertheless, the preferred explanation is that Brinsley was mentally ill, just like the guy who beheaded a coworker in Oklahoma was mentally ill, and the Sydney bloke who took those hostages at the coffee shop was mentally ill, and the son of the Canadian Refugee Board honcho who killed a soldier at the Canadian War Memorial was mentally ill. They were also all Muslim. Oh, and the fellow in France who ran down 11 people with his car while shouting "Allahu Akbar!" only yesterday has already been pronounced mentally ill. By sheer coincidence, he was Muslim, too.

Is this one of those parlor games - like "Dead or Canadian?" Or "Gay or European?" Don't forget, if you're playing in the western media's daily Nothing-to-See-Here quiz, in the "Crazy or Muslim?" round the correct answer is "Crazy", every time.

These are not mutually incompatible categories: There are dead Canadians, and gay Europeans, and crazy Muslims. To get people to march in the streets shouting "What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!" is relatively easy. To persuade Al Sharpton's swaggering halfwit goons to act on their slogans is another matter. A person has to be suggestible, and there's an accumulation of evidence that in today's world disaffected young Muslim men are the most easily suggestible of all. Whether they're suggestible because they're Muslim or they're Muslim because they're suggestible is one of those chicken-or-egg conundrums."

Happy thoughts to you, and remember, it's got nothing to do with islam. It's just "mental illness", sez Manuel Valls, Fwench PM. And to make sure the mental illnesses are kept under control, the Fwench Army will now deploy heavily armed soldiers in the streets. Thank you, politicians! Thank you thank you thank you!!!


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