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An article in De Standaard, Het Laatste Nieuws et al on Friday September 19, 2014:

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For the first time a Flemish Syriafighter has admitted to have executed someone. Last year, Hakim Elouassaki (22) from Vilvoorde shot a hostage through the head in Syria. "I had to."

In January 2013 Hakim Elouassaki fought in Syria in the ranks of the radical Jabhat al-Nusra movement , together with tens of members of Shariah4Belgium. At that time, no one talked yet about the barbaric Islamic State (IS). Three months later the twentysomething returned to Belgium, after having received a serious headwound from shrapnel.

Two weeks later he was arrested. The Antwerp Judiciary has been in the possession of incriminating wiretaps against Elouassaki since the facts. Indeed, from Syria he had placed a telephone call to his girlfriend in Vilvoorde to boast of his executing a kafir. "A bullet in the head. Bang." he said laughing. After his arrest Elouassaki minimized the conversation as "tough talk". Until two weeks ago, when he suddenly started confirming the execution. Although he claimed to have been forced to shoot the man, since his commanders had thrust the task upon him. His lawyer pleads this is by no means a confession. "The investigators have forced my client to admit it, while he suffers from serious health-related problems", says Abderrahim Lahlali. "I have asked a team of doctors to check out the brain damage my client suffers from".

Ah, Abderrahim Lahlali!!! We had some material on this closet islamic supremacist earlier on! See HERE.

Abderrahim Lahlali, who tripped over his feet to defend the dangerous criminal and Ueber-radical extremist muslim Abdelkader Belliraj, who murdered at least six people in Belgium between 1986 and 1989.

Abderrahim Lahlali, who rushed to the defense of the parents of Layla Hachichi, who, together with a koranic teacher, murdered their own daughter with boiling water because she had outed herself as a lesbian. Lahlali argued that Layla had accidently had burned herself while showering!

Abderrahim Lahlali, who was at the forefront of obstructing the guidelines for neutrality among Ghent city personnel, insisting that muslim females on the city payroll be allowed to wear their headscarves.

Abderrahim Lahlali, who eagerly presented himself as Rosea Lake's lawyer, when that Canadian artsy fartsy 'student' complained that Vlaams Belang leading lady Anke Van dermeersch had plagiarized her 'Judgments' photo.

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And now we have here a bloke who wanted to play Rambo against the Syrian Army, murdered in cold blood some hapless unbeliever, CONFESSED THE CRIME no less, and lookie look who pops up! Abderrahim Lahlali, claiming his client did not mean what he said and ordering a platoon of doctors to determine the fella suffers from brain damage.

If it weren't all so utterly tragic, a man would heartily laugh at the grotesqueness of it all. But perhaps the biggest 'joke' of it all is that this scoundrel has managed to install himself among the 'respected', ahem, Christian Democrats in the city of Ronse, even appearing on the latest elecion lists.

You know what? I'm seriously starting to believe all muslims suffer from brain damage.



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