Tuesday, July 01, 2014


I'm sorry for those of you who are Americanos but it appears we were better.

 photo Belgium_to_quarterfinals_zps3aa431ef.jpg

But only slightly. I'm far from a soccer fan and have but the barest knowledge of the technicalities of the game. But this match kept me glued to the sofa, as it developed more and more into a thriller rather than a game. The normal 90 minutes not yielding a winner yet, extra playing time was needed. And then first Kevin De Bruyne finally managed to get past the living wall that Tim Howard had been, then it was Romelu Lukaku's turn. Belgium rather suddenly leading the US 2-0 seemed to galvanize the US, and indeed shortly thereafter Green made it 2-1. Had it not been for Thibaut Courtois stopping a second near-goal, Belgium might have lost its lead... even that far beyond normal playing time.

In the end we won however.

Which is historic, since it's been aeons - almost thirty years - since Belgium made it this far in the World Cup. We are going to the quarterfinals, and our next adversary will be Argentina.

I salute the American team under its coach Juergen Klinsmann for its heroic resistance, and wish them the very best for the future.


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