Sunday, July 14, 2013


The jury in the Zimmerman Trial has spoken, and thank God by sticking to the facts. But Belgium's 'prime' newspaper De Standaard has spoken too, and if you are an ordinary Belgian citizen relying for all your news on this leftist rag, you will have to do it with the following. Saint Obama's forum in De Standaard today:

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"'Obama calls the death of the black youngster Trayvon Martin, shot dead by the latino Zimmerman, 'a tragedy, not only for his family and not only for a certain community, but for all of America.'

'I understand that emotions run high. But we are a judicial state and the jury has spoken. Therefore I ask every American to respect the demand for calm reflection made by the two parents who lost their young son.'

Obama also asked Americans to reflect on how to stop the wave of shooting incidents and in the future avoid this kind of tragedies. 'That's the way to honor Trayvon Martin.'"

Dixit Saint Obama as quoted by De Standaard. That's your fair and balanced info you got to rely on.

What De Standaard will NEVER NEVER NEVER let you know is, oh, e.g. the following transcript. The full one, that is:

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And here is some more crucial info you would NEVER NEVER NEVER learn if you are content with swallowing the biased, incompetent De Standaard coverage that passes over here for 'quality journalism':

(1) It had been raining, so the grass was wet. The shooting occurred at the edge of the sidewalk on the grass.

(2) The back of George Zimmerman's clothes were wet and "flecked" with grass, a police officer who investigated at the scene testified, as if he had been lying on his back in wet grass.

(3) The knees in Trayvon Martin's jeans were stained, Medical Examiner Shiping Bao testified, as if Martin had been kneeling in the wet grass.

(4) The gun that killed Trayvon Martin was in direct contact with Martin's clothing when he was shot, according to the expert analysis and testimony of Florida Department of Law Enforcement firearm's expert Amy Siewert. She testified that the tear patterns in the cloth show a "contact shot" into the clothing.

(5) But the gun that killed Martin was at least 0.4 inches and up to 4 feet away from Martin's skin when Martin was shot, according to the expert analysis and testimony of Medical Examiner (coroner) Shiping Bao. He testified that the gunshot wound and condition of the skin show it was not a "contact shot" with respect to Martin's skin.

Therefore, Martin's clothing was not up against his body. Martin's clothing was hanging some distance away from his skin when the gun was fired. Martin's clothing was hanging downward from his body by the force of gravity when the gun was fired.
That is, Martin was leaning over Zimmerman. Martin was attacking Zimmerman and was on top of him. His clothing was hanging down, away from his body.

(6) A neighbor, Jonathan Good, testified that he saw Trayvon Martin kneeling on top of George Zimmerman in the wet grass and on the edge of the sidewalk, pounding Zimmerman with his fists.
Other witnesses testified that they thought they saw Zimmerman straddling on top of Martin as the men struggled in the grass next to a sidewalk, but were less certain. The reason they were unclear is because they did not know either of the young men at the time.

(7) Zimmerman suffered many very obvious cuts and bruises, especially on the back of his head, while Martin's body showed no injuries except on his hands.

(8) However, Trayvon Martin is Black and the liberal media is overwhelmingly racist, meaning that most journalists are obsessed with people's race and view and understand everything in terms of what color the person involved happens to be. This case would never have seen the inside of a courtroom except for the inherent racism of the news media.

Judge for yourself. It shouldn't be difficult.


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