Tuesday, July 09, 2013


Finally gorgeous weather, neither the kids nor the wife in the mood to venture outside - that is, outside the grounds of Chateau Outlaw - so me off to the Ardennes again. Later this summer I intend to pick up the climbing thread again and hiking in the Ardennes this Sunday afternoon would give me an indication of what my seriously damaged back allows at this point in time.

 photo viaduc_de_custinne_zps786bc18e.jpg

A southward view of the E411, Belgium's main highway cutting through the Ardennes. Pic taken from the Viaduc de Custinne. In the distance, the blue-green of the Ardennes beckon. Follow this highway another 100 kloms or so and you're in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

 photo chateau_de_herbeumont_zpsc7b97855.jpg

The inside of the ruins of the Chateau d'Herbeumont. Sorry, really got no time to elaborate.

 photo tombeau_du_chevalier_zps35b333b9.jpg

A view on the Semois river meandering it's way through the hills. Note: the green sliver in the center is NOT the 'Tombeau du Chevalier'. That's the ridge in lighter green immediately to the right of this one.

 photo semois_herbeumont_zps6065bad3.jpg

A view of a slice of the Semois - the actual river is just beyond the grassy islet in the center of the photo. Photo taken from the finger of land known as the 'Tombeau du Chevalier'. Its more prosaic name is 'Presqu'ile de Boult'.

 photo ile_de_houx_zps51e28fe8.jpg

View of the Ile de Houx in the Meuse river, taken from amidst the ruins of the Chateau de Poilvache.

 photo chateau_de_crupet_zps52471575.jpg

And finally a pic of the Chateau de Crupet, or rather its donjon surrounded by a moat/pool. Crupet is a lovely, tiny village more or less right between Dinant and Namur.

The photos don't do justice to the day, but may give you an idea of the landscape in much of Belgium's southeast.


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