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On April 30, The Gatestone Institute's Soeren Kern had an excellent article titled 'Belgium erasing Christianity for Islam'. This is how it starts:

"...Under the guise of letting go of the Christian holidays, this text provides Muslims with a waiver to add Islamic holidays…. Six Belgian senators introduced a draft resolution in the Belgian Parliament that would make "Islamophobia" a crime punishable by fines and imprisonment. A person would be guilty if he "considers Islam to be violent, threatening or supportive of terrorism…" or "considers Islam to be a political ideology, used for political and military purposes to establish it hegemony." If passed, the law would pose a devastating blow to the exercise of free speech in Belgium."

Kern's column first dwells on typical multiculti insanity of which you may already have heard here and there, such as the efforts of (primarily) socialist politicians to have the names of typical Christian holidays scrapped in favor of names which are more 'senstive' to our wonderful cultural enrichers (Winter Vacation instead of Christmas Holiday and such), the replacement last winter of the Christmas Tree on Brussels' Grote Markt by an atrocity of steel tubes etc etc etc. But towards the bottom section he focuses again on the effort of six senators, three of whom are muslim (Quelle surprise!!!) to introduce a law that would make islamophobia punishable:

"...The survey, which was published by the daily newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen on April 19, shows that 60% of Muslim youth believe that they will never be integrated into Belgian society. One in three of those surveyed say that he or she has been discriminated against at school, and one in five say they have been discriminated against at work. More than 50% say they have been victims of racism. Although 93% of those surveyed have Belgian citizenship, 42% of them say they consider themselves to be foreigners.

The results are virtually unchanged from a similar survey conducted in 2005, and imply that years of government efforts to make Belgium more multicultural have done nothing to change the minds of Muslim youth.

According to the Flemish Minister for Integration, Geert Bourgeois, Muslim youth should work harder and complain less. "That so many young people feel discriminated against and do not feel accepted means that our society still has a lot of work to do. It's actually an 'us-them' story. We as a society can and should still make an extra effort, but conversely, Muslim youth should do more as well. Perhaps an inverted research shows that we just think that young Muslims do not belong because they do not want to belong," Bourgeois said.

If Belgian multiculturalists have their way, however, asking Muslims to do more to integrate into Belgian society may soon become a criminal offense.

In February, six Belgian senators (three of whom are Muslim) introduced a draft resolution in the Belgian Federal Parliament that would make "Islamophobia" a crime punishable by fines and imprisonment.

The draft text -- which, among other objectives, seeks to equate "Islamophobia" with anti-Semitism -- is audacious in scope and if passed would pose a devastating blow to the exercise of free speech in Belgium.

According to the authors of the resolution, a person would be guilty of Islamophobia if he or she:

Considers Islam to be a single monolithic bloc, closed and static, incapable of adapting to new situations;
Considers Islam to be separate and "different," devoid of having any aims or shared values ​​with other cultures, not influenced by other cultures and not influencing other cultures;
Considers Islam to be inferior to the West, to be barbaric, irrational, primitive and sexist;
Considers Islam to be violent, threatening and supportive of terrorism, actively engaged in a 'clash of civilizations';
Considers Islam to be a political ideology, used for political and military purposes to establish its hegemony;
Rejects out of hand criticisms made by Islam of 'the West';
Shows hostility towards Islam to justify discrimination and social exclusion of Muslims;
Accepts hostility toward Muslims as natural and normal.
This definition of Islamophobia, which is based on a 1997 report published by the London-based Runnymede Trust, would effectively outlaw any critical discussion of Islam in Belgium under the guise of combatting racism.

The draft resolution has outraged free speech activists, who are demanding more public scrutiny of what they say is a "draconian" measure that is contrary to liberal democratic values. But the sponsors of the text remain unapologetic.

In an interview with the daily newspaper Le Soir, Senator Richard Miller from Wallonia accuses critics of the resolution of trying to make the draft text say things it does not say.

Miller, a member of the same Mouvement Réformateur that has accused other Belgian politicians of pandering to Muslims, claims his measure is not meant to prohibit the criticism of Islam, but only to "fight against those who often use a variety of arguments, with the result of creating unease in the Muslim population."

Here are the identities and party affiliations of said senators:

a.) BERT ANCIAUX (SP.a, Flemish Socialists): we can be short on this guy. Belgian readers, insofar as they have their head screwed on right, will nod understandingly upon reading the following words: 'Bert Anciaux is a lunatic. Bert Anciaux is a lunatic. Bert Anciaux is a lunatic. Bert Anciaux is a lunatic. Bert Anciaux is a lunatic. (repeat a thousand times). He's, well, he's, he's (insert mental picture of Outlaw shaking his head, shivering).

b.) FAUZAYA TALHAOUI (SP.a, Flemish Socialists). Classic example of an islamic Trojan Horse. At first sight educated, 'progressive' (harumph), 'enlightened' (harumph) muslim woman (think Mona Eltahawi), on second sight even more inclined to pave the way for the bearded apes.

c.) AHMED LAAOUEJ (PS, Walloon Socialists). I don't know this dork, thank God. The fact that this muslim politician has found solace in the arms of the Parti Socialiste must be a coincidence I suppose.

d.) FREYA PIRYNS (Groen!, Flemish Greens). See a.) Just substitute 'he' with 'she'. Except (remember the law proposal dates from February already) if Bert has by this time completed his thrilling journey into the exploration of his feminine side.

e.) ZAKIA KHATTABI (Ecolo, the Walloon Greens). See c.) There really ain't much difference anymore between reds and greens.

And the sixth senator? Ah, that one deserves special mention. For one thing, he does not belong to a party of the usual suspects, but to the MR, the 'Mouvement Reformateur'. His name is Richard Miller, see also Kern's last paragraph. I'll spend some more time here on this particular individual since his behaviour is a perfect illustration of how the leftist madness is spreading through ALL the echelons of Belgian politics except the VB and the Belgian Front National of course (I may be the only Belgian with a party membership card of both).

Well, Richard Miller is a fella who has experienced firsthand what 'intifada' means. Except, deluded as he is, he does not see it that way.

In January 2009, Brussels was in turmoil for the umpteenth time because muslim youths, upon hearing of an Israeli incursion in Gaza, decided to wreak havoc in Brussels' streets. The caption hereunders reads: 'CONSIDERABLE DAMAGE DURING GAZA DEMO IN BRUSSELS'.

 photo gazabetoging2009_zps9bfc11e3.jpg

Oh the virtues of multiculturalism! Oh the gentle souls of those cultural enrichers!

And Miller? When I read that name in Soeren Kern's article, I knew I had come across that fella before. After some hard thinking it was gotcha! Former Belgian blogger Luc Van Braekel (he has emigrated to the US of A recently, though whether that's such a smart decision given Big O's two Four Year Plans remains to be seen) had an item on the same Gaza demo three years back including the adventures of Miller at the hands of the mocro Cultural Enrichers: during the demo they smashed a brick against his head:

 photo richard-miller_zpsbf6ee396.jpg

Photo courtesy Luc Van Braekel.

Isn't it striking how people who have experienced firsthand the hot breath of angry followers of Allah can nevertheless be found so eager to put their shoulders under a lawmaking project that will give the paedophile worshippers even more clout in their zeal to transform this country in an islamic state???

Of the five mentioned before, no surprise there. The two Flemings, Anciaux and Piryns, are insane, and the three others are muslims. With Miller, however... Is he:

a.) also funny in the head (remember the brick!!!),
b.) a traitor
c.) convinced that we should have built more sports and community centers and mosques to reach OOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTT to those hapless youths, or
d.) all of the above?

Oh. Boy. What society are my kids going to grow up in?


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