Saturday, February 09, 2013


This article dates from October 2011 and was actually a dormant post I never came about to flesh out. It only appears now because I added the 'De Standaard' flag and wanted to check out if the query worked, for which I scrambled a couple of posts with the De Standaard Watch label. This concept post happened to catch my eye so here it is.

And now that we are at it, I'll elaborate a bit on it. So in October 2011 a De Standaard editor, Joel Ceulaer, a lefty nutcase (an oxymoron of course) who never fails to flaunt His Moral Superiority over the Flemish peasants of the famed center right undercurrent in Belgium's northern half, wrote an article praising Mohammed Boulif and his efforts to get Belgian banks interested in the virtues of Sharia Banking. The title is an enlarged caption by Boulif: 'FINE PRINT IS FORBIDDEN IN ISLAM'. 'Would banking according to sharia rules have prevented the crisis?'. Golly it might. According to Joel Ceulaer that is.


Yes yes yes yes yes. Well, fine print may be forbidden in islam but fooling filthy infidels is not. Leftozoid nutbag Ceulaer is prolly so enamored with the amazing aspects of sharia banking that he's momentarily forgetting that Mr Boulif was a couple of years ago Head of Belgium's Muslim Executive, the official institution (financed with dough from you guess it infidel peasant pigs aka Belgian taxpayers). And he's also forgetting that that institution was so singularly ineffectual and corrupt that it had to be disbanded a couple of times. Not to mention that it contained a fair number of highly suspect personages (according to State Security). Well, Mr Boulif unrightfully kept pocketing a year's salary AFTER the dissolution of the Muslim Executive, a fact the then Minister of Justice, Laurette Onkelinckx (PS), had to admit publicly. At the relevant press conference where this item was brought up, she vowed that 'Boulif would pay it back'. I wonder if that ever happened, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Hey, stealing from infidels is indeed not in any islamic fine print: it's written black on white in large characters in their holy book, with recommendations. Not that Ceulaer noticed.


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