Sunday, September 02, 2012


Salafism in Germany is steeply on the rise. In early January, when we returned from Poland, I learned in the newspapers there that salafist organizations were distributing millions of qurans for free in German cities. The following video details with the frightening phenomenon:

In June, German police launched an all-out crackdown on salafist organizations.

Muslims youths shoot three police officers in a no-go zone in Grigny, France.

From The Australian:

"FRANCE has suffered a fresh outbreak of urban unrest, with three police officers wounded in an attack by a crowd firing shotguns and lobbing petrol bombs.

Two of the officers were wounded by shotgun pellets and the third by a firework used as a rocket in the incident that began late on Friday in the Grigny suburb of Paris, police said.

The unrest began after a police unit broke up a fight between around 20 people. The officers were set upon as they returned to their vehicles by a crowd, some of whom fired shotguns and threw petrol bombs.

Riot police were rushed to the area and used tear gas to disperse the crowd.

The incident in Grigny came two weeks after rioting in the northern city of Amiens left 17 police officers wounded.

The unrest there has helped place crime and security at the top of the political agenda in France.

The new Socialist government has promised to reverse a decline in police numbers with special attention given to marginalised urban areas which have periodically erupted into violence over the last decade."

The teneur of the article is, as per usual, all wrong. It's the same VERY old story about lack of chances, unemployment, discrimination et al, ad nauseam. IF ONLY more money would or could be poured into these areas to HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP these poor sods.

You reap what you sow. You pump millions of seventh century sand apes with zilch added value into modern advanced societies offering their citizens rights and freedoms for which over centuries, colossal sums were paid in terms of blood and money...

... and then we risk losing all that in a matter of decades.


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