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This morning's news again contained a typical example of the absolute, sheer and utter multiculti insanity that is reigning in Belgium's educational system. I was so taken aback that I emailed Mark Steyn, Pamela Geller and Diana West about it. While ALL OVER THE WORLD the islamic 'religion' is relentlessly prosecuting non-muslims and uncounted millions suffer from islamic tyranny, while in our very country the yoke of islamization is making itself felt in more and more neighborhoods in the great cities...

... a complete IDIOT by the name of Jacques Gits, deputy principal of a BSO school in Schoten, sees fit to organize a halal meal for a class, so that its 12 and 13-year olds can get acquainted with the wonderful muslim religion, culture and customs. Never mind thousands of girls forever maimed by acid, inroads made by islam in Myanmar, islamic terrorism at home and abroad, female genital mutilation wherever islam established a toehold, grievous suppression of females in general and gays in particular, stagnating economies and intellectual life under the green banner, killings of Copts, defamation of christian graves....

... never mind Boko Haram, thousands of Thai on the run for islam near the Malaysian border, Geert Wilders living eight years surrounded by bodyguards, one islamic terror plot uncovered after another, no go zones, tens of sharia courts in the UK, al shabaab, hamas, Iran's nuclear threat, hezbollah, .....

Never mind that! Our children SHALL AND MUST get acquainted with the wonders of multiculturalism and in particular the nice islamic custom of slaughtering animals in such a manner that they will suffer the most.

Here's the gist of what I mailed Mr Steyn:

Hi Mark,

I was baffled to learn that three members of Vlaams Belang can expect to be sued for 'huisvredebreuk' (dunno the appropriate noun in English, it's like disturbing order in a private sphere) for 'invading' the premises of a secondary technical school (BSO) in Schoten, near Antwerp.

Here is the link:

Translation of second paragraph:

Within the framework of their final year's project the students of the first year BSO (Bijzonder Secundair Onderwijs) organised a BBQ where only halal meat was served. In this manner, the school wanted the 12 and 13 year olds to get acquainted with the multicultural society. This was not liked by three militants of Vlaams Belang, who climbed over the school walls to disturb the party.
"The students were shocked by their unannounced, brutal invasion", says deputy principal Jacques Gits. They intimidated the children and forced Zwan sausages through their throats".

This is confirmed by one of the fifteen students. "They said that halal meat is not real meat and that they came to fill our stomachs after all'. The school direction meanwhile went to the police to file a complaint against the militants. According to VB frontman Filip Dewinter the three men - apart from him Tom Van Grieken and Tim Willekens - did nothing wrong. "It was meant as a joke" he says. "Schools better stop exposing children to such multicultural activities".

Here's the link, by a regime outlet, Het Laatste Nieuws:

You can note several things:

a.) Schoolchildren are being brainwashed into thinking halal meals are hunky dory. Kind of weird in a society wherein the recipes of the autochtons are increasingly vegetarian because it's WRONG to hurt animals... except apparently when it's being done by you know who.

b.) The caption underneath the photo reads: "Filip dewinter has no qualms with harassing children". Funny, in nearby recreational domain "De Ster" last year scores of moroccan youths harassed not only children and youngsters, but they also beleagured police officers present. It was 200 'youths' against 8 police officers Mark. Note: 'De Ster' is in Sint-Niklaas, which I assume you know [Sint-Niklaas is the birthplace of Mark Steyn's mother, MFBB].

Scandal: according to the regime press the VB intimidated the children.... while Vlaams Belang is in reality PROTECTING them from multiculti insanity.

c.) Het Laatste Nieuws writes that 'one student confirmed the deputy principal's message'. One of the fifteen, not a word about the other 14.Hmmmm.

Just to sketch you the background of our wonderful multiculti society over the past two weeks Mark:

"Lots of jolly news lately in Belgium with regards to our cultural enrichers from the muslim world. In Molenbeek, a muslima wearing a niqab, when asked by a female police officer to show her face, gave the latter such a tremendous headpunch that the officer broke her nose and lost some teeth. When the muslima was taken to the nearest police precinct it was beleaguered by some 150 muslims; riots ensued with more arrests made; a Parisian muslim showed up, all puffed up with the news about his muslim brothers being prosecuted in our evil kuffar land and knifed two other police officers (they were wounded gravely, but survived). When a student in a Brussels high school collapsed following a severe attack of epilepsy, the islamic teacher witnessing it, instead of calling for an ambulance, started reciting koranic verses. The guy was promptly fired. Etcetera etcetera etcetera etcetera etcetera. "

And now the Schoten school ABSOLUTELY wants its students to get acquainted with the wonderful islamic world.

Pinch me Mark, I must be dreaming.

You carry a bit more weight than I. Perhaps you could shed some light on the story?


a Belgian citizen, increasingly frustrated.


(mail to Mark Steyn ends here).

Oh yeah... check out this video, courtesy GoV, about some recent escapades from the Religion of Piss aka islam in Molenbeek. Must somehow have escaped Jacques Gits' attention. His pupils MUST learn how GREAT islam is!!!



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