Friday, June 08, 2012


A Turkish Town Selectman in the eastern Belgian town of Heusden-Zolder, Selahattin Ozer, fired five years ago because of unacceptable behaviour a.o. threatening off city personnel, has founded a Turkish-only party. Via Het Belang van Limburg:


It's 11.09pm, I still got work to do, if I'm not completely f*cked up in an hour and a half I will provide translation. In the meantime, this is proof for the umpteenth time that muslims don't give a jolt about integration and that the islamization of our countries is acquiring a frightening dynamic.

1.38 am. Here's the gist of the story, via daily 'Het Nieuwsblad':

"HEUSDEN-ZOLDER. A first in Belgium: in the upcoming municipal elections citizens of Heusden-Zolder, a town in Limburg province, will be able to cast their vote for an Turkish-only party [i.e. a party with only Turkish candidates - MFBB].

Selahattin Özer is an independent accountant. In 2006 he became town selectman for CD and V Plus, the (Christian Democratic) party of mayor Sonja Claes. Especially among (Turkish) immigrants Özer won a lot of the vote. But eleven months later Claes' party dismissed him.

'After he had threatened city personnel' says Sonja Claes. 'We could not fire him [town selectmen cannot be fired, MFBB], and because he refused to give up his mandate he kept receiving his paycheck as town selectman for five years without doing anything.'

And now Özer emerges again with an own party with only Turkish candidates. 'I always said I'd be back.' According to Özer he looked for Flemish candidates but he did not find them. 'There clearly is a need for something new in Heusden-Zolder. Among the traditional parties it's obvious the fizz is gone. We want everyone to feel good, to cooperate' he says in an interview in the daily Het Belang van Limburg.

Özer says his party will be a centrist party, not an extremist party. It will be there for everyone in Heusden-Zolder. Not only for the turkish community."


A party with only turks on it that will be there for everyone. Yeah right. Still, I'd LOVE to know what exactly the threats were this muslim scum made to Heusden-Zolder town personnel. Threats which were apparently severe enough to justify sacking you, SCOUNDREL.


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