Monday, May 07, 2012


I owe my readers - those ones of good will, anyway - an apology.

My earlier assertion that a gay 32-year old Belgian of Moroccan descent had been murdered by muslims, making it the first registered homophobic murder as such in our country, is WRONG, as reader Peter Fleming suggested.

The perpetrators were mostly white trash. Have been arrested: Eric P., Jeremy W., Jonathan L. and Mutlu K. With the exception of the latter, all very plausible names for white Belgian males. The foursome, under the influence of alcohol and drugs, tried after a party to get a young woman to enter their car. She refused. For some reason they also asked Ihsane Jarfi, who accepted. Some time after, he was molested and gravely wounded, and presumably left for dead in a field in Nandrin-Modave.

As facts, facts and nothing but the facts are extremely important to me, I feel I let emotion trump reason in prematurely seeking the murderers among the muslim community.

I will therefore apologize to the readership for falsely presenting a suspicion as a fact.

I will however NOT apologize to muslims, because in my opinion they do not deserve so. They would deserve an apology if the ummah were a respectable part of humanity. That it is not, at least not in my opinion. Whether it be for imposing horrible rules for non-muslims, females, gays in the 55 or so countries where they rule, and the many others where they form a significant part of the population, or for inflicting havoc in Darfur or south Sudan, or for killing thousands of Thai in south Thailand, or for generally being a pain in the *ss from Birmingham over Brussels to Berlin and beyond, or for voting en masse for a neocommunist in the French presidential elections - because that is what they did - muslims constitute the greatest and most powerful retrograde force in the world, and they shouldn't get away with it.

In the meantime....

.... am I the only one to notice the ABSOLUTE and EARDEAFENING SILENCE from muslims in Belgium with regards to the murder of one of their own???

That's right, you don't hear a peep from them. Had the victim been a heterosexual muslim, or at least one perceived as such, and/or had he even been a murderer himself, or a thief, or an arsonist...

... then you can be quite sure that cars would have burned, shops vandalized, people harassed, buses pelted with stones, amongst others. Not now, however. Infidels murdered an openly gay muslim, and for once they have done...

... something which is entirely acceptable for the ummah.

As for Ihsane Jarfi... I feel very sorry for him, I really do.



Leo Norekens said...

It would be advisable to point out that, when saying that murdering an openly gay muslim is "entirely acceptable", you are expressing the (probable) opinion of the muslim majority, not yours.

Just to prevent misunderstandings...

Joanne said...

This kind of behaviour is disgusting. I wonder what these men had planned for the woman who refused to get into the vehicle. I don't like what practicing muslims believe and practice, but I certainly believe in obeying God's laws. God says that if you love me, you will obey my commandments. Obviously the perpetrators are godless and deserve everything the law throws at them.