Monday, March 26, 2012


Evidence of the catastrophic job situation within the community of Belgian Cultural Enrichers was provided by the Loonkloofrapport 2012 (Wages Discrepancy Report 2012), which in turn is based on statistical data obtained from Belgium's National Bank (NBB, Nationale Bank van Belgie).

'Of the non-European immigrants in Belgium less than half is working. Of the women three quarters don't have a job, writes De Standaard following the release of the Wages Discrepancy Report 2012 which itself is based on NBB data. The numbers have steadily gotten worse over the past few years, because in 2008 42,1% was working while this number levelled off to 39,9% in 2011. When taking gender into account 51 per cent of the male non-European immigrants are working; with women that number decreases to 26%.'


Outlaw Mike thinks that if there's a curious gap between males and females with regards to unemployment it might be wise to include a factor like religious persuasion in the equation. I do not think that the ladies in the photo above, lining up to receive their welfare check happily provided by the Belgian State (though probably less happily by the Belgian taxpayer) are actually ALLOWED to work outside the house by their husbands.

Luckily our friends the socialists have P-L-A-N-S to remedy the situation!

Hey, come to think of it, this article reminded me of another one, spotted in Het Laatste Nieuws a couple of weeks back: 'COLORED POVERTY MORE AND MORE VISIBLE IN GHENT':


Well yes of course, if you first allowed with open arms all those wifebeaters and then doctored fancy laws so that they could legally let come over mom, pop, and the rest of the family, all of them rocket scientists, world class biologists and clever mathematicians of course, chances are not everyone among them has a fitting slot at the end of the day.

Notice the lady in the photo.

You may now guess three times what she has in common with the ladies in the photo on top.

Notice also what she's pushing. Apparently there ARE chores their husbands deem them fit for.


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