Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Another sample of the cultural enrichment with which Belgium is blessed: Iraqi family convicted for beating daughter with hammer because she had a relationship with a non-muslim


"An Antwerp judge has convicted father Sayhood E.H.(69), mother Resmieh F. (58) and their two sons Mohamed (40) and Ali to three years in jail, of which eighteen months effective, because of the inhuman treatment they inflicted upon their daughter and sister. They had beaten en kicked her and used a hammer on her because she wanted to marry a Belgian who was not a muslim.

The Iraqi family had moved to Belgium in 2002. Daughter Aseel (26) learned to know Peter on the job and they developed a romantic relationship, very much against the will of her parents. They had already chosen a spouse for her. Aseel refused to give Peter up and in 2008 broke all contact with her family.

One year and a half later she sought contact again. She was engaged and hoped for her parents' blessing. Her mother convinced her to come live into their house in Mortsel again temporarily. They kept trying to persuade her though to dump Peter.

Locked up, beaten and kicked.
On August 30, 2010, she was locked up at home and beaten and kicked. Her mother even beat her with a hammer. Only one day later she could be freed by police. Her family members denied her story and claimed that she herself had inflicted her own wounds, amongst which was a concussion.

Obligatory Dutch lessons.
The muslim family have to pay Aseel 3,412 and Peter 1,637 EUR in damage pay. The court also ordered the muslim family to take Dutch lessons, as well as an integration course and courses in agression management. They are also forbidden to contact the victims."

A few points to observe:

a.) Ask yourself how diabolical the nature of a belief system must be when it endorses a mother to BEAT HER OWN DAUGHTER WITH A HAMMER. Not only endorses her, but imbues her with the will to do it.

b.) This muslim scum came here TEN YEARS AGO and still they don't know the language! Ergo, they don't have a job. Ergo, they live off taxpayer dough, happily provided by our moral betters the socialists.

c.) We cannot use the term "animals" to describe these orcs, because it would be a grave insult to animals.

d.) Islam has no place in Belgium, or in any civilized country for that matter, and if we don't want behaviour like this become the rule, islam will have to be removed manu militari.

Have I made myself abundantly clear?


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Tom the Redhunter said...

Well I must say I like the new pic at the top of your blog... not so much that I want to flush Islam or anything but as with you I am sick of the hypocrisy!

Re the post... sigh. Sadly, this is a sign of what is to come. I fear you're going to need a Second Amendment over there, my friend. Worst case we will welcome you over here... but I will cry if we lose Europe.