Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Belgium has a new government. It's a complete and utter disaster, and an insult to the basic principles of democracy and good governance.


The man on the front row, fourth from the left, is our new Prime Minister. Elio Di Rupo, a sixty year old openly gay Parti Socialiste hack, instrumental like basically his entire party in reducing Wallonia to utmost poverty and financial dependence on its northern counterpart, rich Flanders.

The manner in which the media - every single branch of it - go out of their way to write the most flattering hagiography about Mr Di Rupo is appalling.

I will try to flesh out this article later this evening.

In the meantime, if you are a productive, contributing Belgian citizen - take a powder.

A strong one.



Leo Norekens said...

I cannot bring myself to read or watch those disgusting hagiographies. I turn the page or switch my radio/TV off. It's physical, can't help it.

Yesterday, I heard one little sentence that turned my stomach. "Back in the nineties he was falsely accused of paedophilia".
F-a-l-s-e-l-y ? Well, that's the official story. Everyone involved knows that it was a whitewash because the government (PM J.-L. Dehaene)couldn't afford a scandal at the time (1996 - at the height of the Dutroux scandal).

When interrogated about his frequent sexual contacts with young boys, Di Rupo got out of it by saying he never asked them their age..!

So now we have a PM who not only is a sectarian socialist, but also has a dubious past - which may reflect negatively on Belgium's shakey reputation and which makes him prone to blackmail.

Michael said...

You are correct. For those who think Leo is making this up, Mr Di Rupo had his pleasant adventures on Fontainas Square in Brussels, and to top it all off, he was taken there by his chauffeur in his ministerial limousine. Your tax euros at work!!!

I remember a funny anecdote from that time. There used to be an ad for Leo (no pun intended) chocolate in the cinemas there. There were a couple of voices there accompanyin the ad. The first one called out "LEEEE-O!!!" a couple of times. From every corner people appeared to fetch some Leo chocolate. Whereupon a voice explained 'Iedereen komt als je Leo roept' (Everyone shows up when you shout out 'Leo'!).

This was right at the time of the Dutroux scandal and the time that Elio Di Rupo had himself chauffeured to young male prostitutes on Fontainas square with taxpayer money.

Of course there was some smartass who introduced the slogan 'Iedereen komt als je Elio roept!'. (Everyone shows up when you shout out Elio [on Fontainas Square])!

Kepha said...

Here's a song for America's disgrace, President Obama: