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SEPTEMBER 11, 2010.

Today, on September 11, 2010, the Vlaams Belang and the Belgian chapter of Cities Against Islamization will organize a demonstration in Brussels in front of the US Embassy to protest the plans of the closet islamic radical Imam Rauf to build a mosque near Ground Zero. VB fraction leader in the Flemish Parliament Filip Dewinter will personally hand a protest letter to the American ambassador.


In spite of the many stark warnings about the dangers of islamization on these pages over the past years - as I gradually came to realize the vast, intrinsically evil scope of the politico-religious ideology of islam - I do not believe that in the end, it will really dominate the world.

The story of humanity's journey through the ages is one of a slow but ultimately steady progress. Despite all the bad omens, and the frightening news coming to us from all corners of the world... it is safe to say that never before so many people were so rich or had it so good. True, every now and then disasters strike, affecting the lives of millions of people. Hundreds of millions still live in extreme poverty, with only scant access to food, water, and medical assistance. It is however an inescapable fact that many more have aforementioned items in abundance, whereas this was not the case in, say, 1745, let alone 100, 500 or 15,000 BC, when being miserable was an almost universal condition, and life expectancy a fraction of what it is today. Humanity has through the milennia experienced severe setbacks at worst, and long indeterminate periods of an apparent status quo at best. But at long last, in this time and age, we can say that it has always vanquished the plagues, and continued its upward movement.

This is why I do not doubt for a second that islam is doomed to fail. For islam is too, like the plagues from medieval times, an instrument of destruction and decay, and at some point the majority of humanity which has not yet come to live under islam's dreadful shadow, will see it for what it is and bundle forces to defeat it. And when that day breaks, it will really be a Doomsday for that ugly ideology crafted by an insane, bloodthirsty, paedophile massmurderer named mohammed.

It may be that the price for humanity to realize islam's true nature will be the loss of Magnificent Europe. It may even be, God forbid, that the price will be the loss of the entire western world. These potential losses are facilitated by the existence of a certain heinous, self-hating and perverted breed of "intelligentsia" and their omnipresence in our political, educational and cultural halls of power. The power this vile class wields should never be underestimated, and it should be realized that their dirty work has been going on for decades and thus cannot be undone in a short span of time.

When the VB opposition in Antwerp asked the socialist alderman for education Robert Voorhamme about the degree to which Antwerps public schools had already introduced halal meat in school lunches, his answer boiled down the conclusion that it was a moot point anyway, since so many authochton Antwerpians were already eating meat that came from cattle butchered in a halal manner. In other words, bend over and accept it already. The same shrug-yours-shoulders-and-accept-the-fait-accompli attitude can be overheard time and again not only in talks among politicians, but on the street itself, among the ordinary citizenry. "In twenty years we will all be living under islam". "In fifteen years they are gonna call the shots here". "There's nothing to be done about it anymore."

He who reads history however knows that thoughout the ages, islam's strength has almost always been the weakness of its enemies. Even in periods when islam seemed strong and invincible and did not have the current, very clear disadvantage of being hopelessly retarded technologically, it always needed tremendous manpower resources to defeat far smaller "infidel" contingents. Today, when the Voorhammes of this world want us to believe that islam is here to stay and that we better prepare for a life accentuated no longer by ringing church bells but screaming muezzins, he only believes this himself because his vantage point is that of a worm squirming in the sand, fearfully looking up.

Islam is, in se, far weaker than the grand majority of us realize.

I hear that Terry Jones has postponed, or even cancelled, his plans to burn a Quran.

So let's do it here at DowneastBlog instead.

"The New York Times counted 50 different jumpers in a review of photographs and videotapes. USA TODAY's estimate attempts to include people whose falls were not documented. Nearly all photos were of the north tower's north and east faces, which were more accessible to photographers coming from uptown Manhattan. But witnesses reported that numerous people leapt from the north tower's south and west sides as well.

On the south side, firefighters reported 30 to 40 bodies on the roof of the 22-floor Marriott Hotel, adjacent to the north tower.

On the west side, falling bodies crashed onto the awning covering the circular VIP driveway. The thudding of bodies at this entrance can be heard on a video taken near there by French cameraman Jules Naudet, whose footage was broadcast on CBS on March 11.

On the east side, people plummeted into the plaza, best known for its globe sculpture. Blood covered the glass walls and revolving doors that led to the plaza from the second-floor mezzanine in the north tower. People evacuating the north tower walked by this horrible sight.

"The windows were red ... and bits of bodies were outside. We were stunned and amazed," says Richard Moller, who escaped from the 78th floor.

After the first jet crash, Port Authority police Officer David Lim took an escalator from the lobby of the north tower to the plaza level, one floor above. He saw a disfigured body near a stage where musical groups performed on the plaza. "I said, oh my God! I've got to call this in. 'I've got a DOA on the plaza.' The desk officer said, 'Are you sure he's dead?' As I'm retransmitting, another body falls."

To be sure, some who fell didn't jump. Witnesses say a few people seemed to have stumbled out of broken windows obscured by smoke. But most say those jumping appeared to make a conscious choice to die by falling rather than from smoke, heat or fire."


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