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From the Belgian daily Het Laatste Nieuws, May 27, 2010: SWEDISH GIRLS PAINT HAIR DARKER OUT OF FEAR OF GETTING RAPED.


"Blonde Swedish girls in suburbs of cities like Stockholm paint their hair darker more often, out of fear of getting raped. That is the conclusion of the study "Whiteness and gender" by Swedish investigator Maria Bäckman.

The reason why Scandinavian blondes in large cities opt for a darker colour has nothing to do with fashion trends, but everything with self-defense. Backman, teaching at the Ethnological Department of the University of Stockholm, concludes that on the basis of an inquiry during the course of which she followed and spoke with young girls in Rinkeby, a suburb of the Swedish capital.


The reason is that the blondes think they stand out too much in a number of neighborhoods where people of Swedish origin account for only 20% of the total population. A "too Scandinavian" outlook would enlarge the rape risk. The girls hope that by neutral clothing and darker hair they will be able to elude the attention of potential rapists. Often these are muslim youths who see blond hair and loose clothing as a provocation.


"My informants are teenage girls living in the suburbs", says the investigator. "They see themselves as Swedish, others see them as such too. But they are Swedes in what we can describe as an immigrant neighborhood. Thus they are seen as "different", with other opinions regarding sexuality and intimacy. These girls are casting doubt on themselves or fall outside the norm if, for example, they live with a man without being married to him. This can lead to the prejudice that Swedish girls behave in a provocative manner. Their way of clothing too can lead to the misconception that they would be "easy to get."

An article from the Internet journal "Houthalen-Helchteren": Youths beat chiro leader with brick into hospital, Tuesday May 11. First you got to know that a chiroleider is, litterally, a "chiro leader". Chiro is a christian-inspired youth movement, AFAIK still, even today, the largest youth movement in Belgium. I myself was a member of it as an 8 year old, and later, when I was 18, I became a chiroleider myself for two years. It's very much comparable to the Scouts. You do a lot of mostly open air activities with young boys. We organized camps, treks, we learned the kids to cook on open fires, we did bicycle tours, paintshops, hide and seek, simple carpentry, you name it. My group consisted of 8- to 12 year olds. Chiro has a name for that: the "Rakkers". To this very day, I have fond memories of that too short period in my life. And once in awhile I encounter one of those boys, now a young adult, and we have a nice chat about the good times past.

Now, this is gonna be a helluva lot less of a fond memory for the chiroleider in question:


"A chiro leader of chiro group Meulenberg was molested last week in an apparent revenge action, resulting in a torn lip and broken teeth. While a number of chiro leaders were working [maintenance and/or construction - MFBB] in some shack they used as a playground in Bakery street, they heard tumult in a woods nearby. A couple of youths were threatening off a girl. The chiro leaders intervened and the youths went away. A short time later, a more numerous group of them returned to extol revenge. One chiro leader was deliberately beaten with a construction brick in the face. Local police is looking for the perpetrators."

How do I know it's muslim youths involved? Very simple. Had they been indigenous youths, the journal would have used a full first name followed by the initial of the surname. Like, Kris V. or Thomas P. or something. In the extremely rare cases the violence comes from whiteys, the newspapers and journals always do so. They don't do it here, so that's the first, very serious indication. Then there's the fact that a girl was harassed, a common thing to do for youthful paedophile worshippers. Third, the location: Houthalen-Helchteren in the province of Limburg. It houses a large community of muslim immigrants. Trouble's very often coming from that direction, be it jewish bikers thrown at with stones, burka-clad cunts in Maasmechelen, muslim community centers and imams installing loudspeakers on a minaret in Beringen and what not. Fourth, the extreme violence involved. Indiginous Belgian youths would not be possible to commit such an act - which is of course a good thing. There is violence and violence. When you neutralize a burglar the act can be pretty violent but does not have to involve deliberate physical damage. For instance, you can keep a perpetrator in a pretty tight and painful stranglehold. Smashing a brick in someone's face with the express aim to destroy a person's outward appearance is something altogether different. Muslim youths have no problem with that, as they are raised in a "culture" where empathy with someone suffering pain is seen as weakness. From a very young age, muslim children learn to watch the mutilation of sheep during offering rituals e.g. This involves slitting the throat of the animal with the express aim of making it spend its last moments in as great an agony as possible. Once fourteen, or fifteen, a muslim youth like that has no qualms about ruining an infidel's face.

There are many, many more stories, but time is short, company chores are simply killing me (done a fairly huge investment, and the market is very, very tough) and as a result I spend so few time with my wife that currently our relation is going thru a dip.

I'll have to work on that.

Nevertheless, I just felt I had to post two items off the top of my head. It's these ones, but like I said, there are many, many more, ALL OF THEM INVOLVING PEOPLE OF NORTH AFRICAN OR TURKISH EXTRACTION. Ergo, muslims.

Expect more of this. Our children are made paranoia about alleged racism committed by their forebears. In the coming years, more and more of them will fall prey to exactly the reverse kind of racism. But A VERY REAL KIND OF RACISM.

Learn your kids self-defense, but not by painting their hair darker or covering completely up. I would of course not tolerate myself that my daughter dresses up like a little prostitute as I have seen so many young British teenage girls do - but that's another matter. That's a matter of Decent and Confident Conservative Upbringing.

No, encourage them to take courses in jiu jitsu or taek wondo or whatever. When your kids are old and mature enough, encourage them to take shooting lessons. I do not know what the age requirements are in your country, but you should at least hammer on the necessity to learn to handle a gun as soon as they are allowed to. Of course, if you yourself have a gun, nothing stands in the way to take your kids, again provided they are old and mature enough, to some remote area and give them some advance gun training.

The problems with muslims are only now beginning to manifest themselves in full. They will only get worse.

All of us indigenous Europeans and immigrants who live and work here, and share with us a desire for a free, peaceful and prosperous society with rule of law and public order, regardless of race and religion with the exception of islam, must prepare ourselves to meet the muslim threat with DEADLY FORCE if necessary.


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