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With all the stink coming from both the current WH occupant and the spineless eurocrats, it's easy to overlook the sad fate of a Swiss businessman, Max Göldi. On February 23, The Times ran this appalling story:

FREE MAX GOLDI !!!"A Swiss businessman who has been holed up in his country’s embassy in Tripoli for much of the past 19 months finally surrendered to the Libyan authorities yesterday after they ringed the compound with police and allegedly threatened to storm it.

Max Göldi walked out of the embassy and was taken to prison two hours after a noon deadline that the Libyan regime had set for his surrender. It was the latest twist to a saga that began when Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s son was arrested in Geneva in 2008 and led to Libya denying entry to most Europeans last week.


Hannibal Gaddafi, the Colonel’s fifth son, was arrested with his pregnant wife in a hotel in Geneva for allegedly beating two servants. They were released after two nights in custody but the regime retaliated by cutting oil supplies to Switzerland, withdrawing $5 billion (£3.2 billion) from Swiss banks and arresting the businessmen for minor visa infringements. They were released after ten days but barred from leaving the country and so sought refuge in the Swiss embassy.

In August President Merz of Switzerland flew to Tripoli to deliver an apology but Libya’s stance hardened when a Swiss newspaper published a picture of Hannibal Gaddafi in custody.

The businessmen were seized again and spent another 52 days in prison. They returned to the embassy and were tried in absentia. Mr Göldi received a four-month sentence and Mr Hamid was acquitted, but the dispute escalated after Switzerland imposed visa restrictions on Libyan officials..."

Last week over at The Brussels Journal, Paul Belien was his usual succinct and eloquent self:

March was a good month for Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. He received high-profile apologies from both the United States and the European Union. The apologies were at the expense of Switzerland, the country against which Gaddafi has officially declared “holy war.” Switzerland has a tradition of neutralism in international conflicts, but could not avoid a nasty conflict with Libya. Trying to remain “neutral” in the Swiss-Libyan conflict, the US and the EU grovel before the Libyan despot.

The conflict between the Alpine republic and Libya began in July 2008, when Hannibal Gaddafi, the then 31-year old son of the dictator Muammar Gaddafi, savagely beat up two of his servants in the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva. The Swiss police arrested Gaddafi jr.; he was released on bail after two nights in a cell. In retaliation, Libya took two Swiss businessmen as hostages, imprisoning them for “visa violations.”

Switzerland soon dropped the charges against Gaddafi’s son, but Libya kept the businessmen under house arrest. One year later, in August 2009, Swiss President Hans-Rudolf Merz traveled to Tripoli. To secure the release of the hostages, he apologized to Gaddafi for the brief detention of his son. Gaddafi released one of the hostages, the Muslim Swiss citizen Rachid Hamdani, but refused to accept the Swiss apologies. Libya kept the other businessman, the ethnic Swiss Max Göldi, in prison.

The November 2009 referendum, in which 57.5% of the Swiss voters approved a ban on the construction of new minarets in Switzerland, made Libya even angrier. Libya announced a boycott of Switzerland, and called for the dissolution of the country. On February 24, 2010, Gaddafi declared jihad against the “faithless” Swiss.

In an attempt to downplay the terrible implications of Gaddafi’s appeal for unlimited violence against Switzerland, US State Department spokesman Philip Crowley said that the call for jihad against Switzerland was “lots of words … and not necessarily a lot of sense.” Instead of defusing the situation with his “joke,” Crowley made matters even worse. Gaddafi took the comment as a personal insult and threatened that there would be “negative repercussions” for American oil companies in Libya. On March 10, both Crowley and the American government offered their apologies to the Libyan dictator. He accepted them, and said that Tripoli would resume relations with Washington “in a manner of mutual respect.”

The unfortunate Max Göldi, meanwhile, has been moved to a damp, smelly windowless cell in the wing of a Tripoli jail where he is imprisoned with 90 of the most dangerous criminals of Libya.

Last November, following Gaddafi’s call for the dissolution of Switzerland, Bern drew up a blacklist of 188 extremist Libyans, including Gaddafi and his son, who would “for reasons of public and national security” no longer be allowed to enter Switzerland. Since Switzerland is a member of the so-called Schengen zone – the borderless travel zone grouping the EU countries (minus Britain and Ireland), plus Switzerland, Norway and Iceland – a Swiss ban also affects all the other Schengen zone countries. The terms of the Schengen agreement oblige all members to refuse visas to citizens of third countries blacklisted by fellow Schengen group nations.

In retaliation for the Swiss blacklist, Libya stopped issuing visa to citizens of all Schengen member states. Instead of backing the Swiss, as they are obliged to do under the Schengen treaty, the EU countries threatened to expel Switzerland from the Schengen zone unless it drop the blacklist against the 188 Libyans.

In late March, the Swiss gave in to EU pressure. Tripoli hailed the decision as a victory over Switzerland. The Swiss feel snubbed by the EU. Miguel Angel Moratinos, the Foreign Minister of Spain – which currently holds the EU presidency – flew to Libya to apologize on behalf of the EU for the imposition of the travel ban. “We regret and deplore the trouble and inconvenience caused to those Libyan citizens. We hope that this move will not be repeated in the future,” he told Gaddafi..."

I am just wondering... are there really so few of us that we cannot hear more seething outrage over the totally unjustified and asinine reproaches emanating from the idiot du jour speaking on behalf of that entity any sane person should be now beginning to wish on Pluto, the muslim world? Why do we keep taking it for granted that paedophile worshipping retards with genetic defects as a result of 1,400 years of inbreeding, who have given the rest of the planet basically nothing but severe headaches, keep lecturing us on their "sensitivities"? Do rocket scientists cautiously pay attention to the ramblings of a fat five-year old boogersnot who has just spilled his icecream and blames them for it?

I don't know about you... but I have had enough of it. It's so goddam awful IN YOUR FACE that I can't take it anymore. Whether it's abu sayyaf terrorists in Somalia, or muslim fuckwads decapitating Thai teachers, or Moroccan teens throwing molotov cocktails to Brussels police, or algerians doing the same in a hundred French cities, or muezzins yelling Germans wide awake at five in the morning, or Hizballah, Hamas or Al Qaeda monsters blowing innocents up, or iranian lunatics pursuing nukes, or Saudi creeps arresting a Filipino because he reads the Bible, or a godforsaken cryptomuslim calling the shots in the White House no less, and bending the world over to dictators while offending allies... I really can't take it anymore. It's all over the place and no matter where you reside, you get your nose rubbed in - gulp - that POS called islam.

Pardon my French, but I have come to HATE anything islamic, and if you want my honest opinion, so should you.




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