Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This is just outrageous.

OTTAWA - It’s just the thing conservative author, commentator and self-described polemicist Ann Coulter is known for: Dividing her audiences. Coulter was scheduled to speak before an audience gathered at the University of Ottawa’s Marion Hall Tuesday evening.

Instead, security concerns raised by the university kept the Republican firebrand from speaking. Organizers pulled the plug on the speaking engagement because there were just too many people — too many of whom were just too rowdy.

“At a university, instead of free speech, censorship,” said Ezra Levant, a Canadian conservative writer, lawyer and blogger who was scheduled to introduce Coulter.

Coulter was at the university for the second stop of her Canadian speaking tour to dish on political correctness, media bias and freedom of speech.

Apart from the fact that the Toronto Sun is a douchebag paper itself, otherwise it wouldn't give the impression that Ann Coulter "divides her audiences" nor that the screaming bigots who orchestrated the cancelling of her speech were "just too rowdy"... one thing is by now painfully obvious to me.

It is that silencing your opponents this way - by bullying and threatening violence - is an exclusively lefty thing. How ironic - IRONIC - that time and again we rightwingers get called fascists and nazis when the REAL fascists are... those who actually use that word as if it is bread and butter. Against us.

I don't know or care whether you like Ann Coulter or not. In se, that is irrelevant. Okay, saying her style's very tough is something like saying Britney Spears is still as fresh as morning dew, but face it, if you're a rightwinger you should be glad the Right has frontline soldiers like Coulter. Butchers are not my favorite kind of people to discuss the wonders of the universe with or the siege of Fort St Elmo, but I'm DAMN GLAD they are there to do the dirty work for me, a pussificated carnivore. That's about my sentiment vis-a-vis Madam Coulter, and let's just hope she doesn't read DB, for the comparison with a butcher was wholly unintended.

And if you're a leftwinger you should at least have the decency to agree to the principle that she should have the opportunity to express her views unhindered. I don't recall a single event whereby rightwing bullies made Al Franken or Arianna Huffington cancel a speech somewhere.

One could see this coming, just like one could see it coming that Pim Fortuyn would be murdered. Just prior to the speech Ann Coulter was to give at the University of Ottawa, the Vice President and Provost of that University, François A-Hole, whooooops A. Houle, issued the following open letter to her via half a dozen outlets. An exerpt (sorry if you just ate):

Photobucket"... A couple of days ago, the I would, however, like to inform you, or perhaps remind you, that our domestic laws, both provincial and federal, delineate freedom of expression (or "free speech") in a manner that is somewhat different than the approach taken in the United States. I therefore encourage you to educate yourself, if need be, as to what is acceptable in Canada and to do so before your planned visit here.

You will realize that Canadian law puts reasonable limits on the freedom of expression. For example, promoting hatred against any identifiable group would not only be considered inappropriate, but could in fact lead to criminal charges. Outside of the criminal realm, Canadian defamation laws also limit freedom of expression and may differ somewhat from those to which you are accustomed. I therefore ask you, while you are a guest on our campus, to weigh your words with respect and civility in mind..."

Now is it just me, or are there other people who wonder whether Fuckois A-Hole (whoooops, I did it again) François A. Houle also wrote an open letter like that prior to rabid Israel hater Omar Barghouti's speech at the U of Ottawa one year ago? Or to Angela Davis, member of the Communist Party and former Black Panther, who gave a speech in Houle's fiefdom just last month?


Jesus Christ. Just look at them. Persons of tolerance and diversity.


Feel the love. What a mean, vulgar, brainless cunt.

You just remember. This is the kind of people that prior to Pim Fortuyn's predicted electoral victory distributed posters of him admonishing to "Stop the Dutch Haider". And then a nut from their ranks emptied a gun in Fortuyn's head. The vilifications, the hatred, the bullying, the hatred, the knives and the bullets...

... come from the Left.

And yet they manage to call us the fascists. And they get away with it. Think about that.


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