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The Right is lucky to have in The Brussels Journal's Takuan Seiyo such a gifted and merciless chronicler of the West's decline into an ageing continent trading its once vibrant economy for sclerotic impotent dhimmisocialism, and paralyzed by bogus guilt over the GW hoax and an allegedly murky past as a colonizer of supposedly noble, peaceful civilizations elsewhere. Last week, Seiyo published his 14th installment in the groundbreaking "From Meccania to Atlantis" series, and, although I actually loathe to use the phrase... it is a must-read. The elusive TBJ contributor focuses mainly on the horrific travesty that is the Wilders Trial currently taking place in Amsterdam. But before linking to a couple of exerpts from his brilliant post, I'd like you to meet a trio of very, very nasty people. On the photo below, actually a screenshot from the extreme leftist daily De Volkskrant, you see from left to right "Professor in Counterterrorism" Bob De Graaff, "Radicalization Expert" Hans Moors, and "Extreme Right Expert" Jaap Van Donselaar. They are the authors of a "scientific study" of which the predetermined conclusion was that "Geert Wilders is a danger for democracy". This "study", ordered by Interior Minister Guusje Ter Horst, coincidentally a socialist, is, in a slightly polished form, one of the elements "à charge" used against Wilders in this political trial.

The Real Fascists: from left to right Professor in Counterterrorism Bob De Graaff, who would make better use of taxpayer money if he studied the likes of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab rather than Geert Wilders, "Radicalization Expert" Hans Moors, a pseudoscientist whose smug face could be a hallmark of that disgusting class of self-congratulatory elitist euroleftists, and "Extreme Right Expert" Jaap Van Donselaar, dedicated to investigating those darn dangerous extreme rightwing terrorists but for some reason seemingly completely unaware of the very real (islamo)leftist track record in that domain (Duyvendak, icon of the "Dutch WU", the Hofstadgroep etc).

Below you see a screenshot of the leftist daily De Volkskrant, October 2009, when news of the "scientific study" had just come out.


'GEERT WILDERS UNDERMINES DEMOCRACY.' Amsterdam - "Geert Wilders' PVV Party is an extreme rightwing party which mobilizes islamophobia and system hatred against the authorities. Thus the party undermines social cohesion and democracy in this country. That is the conclusion of three scientists in a report on radicalization to the House, as ordered by the Interior Ministry."

Now that you have gotten one more whiff of the stench of the real forces behind the stifling of freedom of speech in Europe, I'd like you to read a coupl of exerpts from Seiyo's excellent column:

Now, 29 months later, the next stage of the toxic toads’ assault on the peoples of the West is taking place in Amsterdam. Geert Wilders is standing before a kangaroo court on charges of, mirabile dictu, “incitement to discrimination and hatred.” An old trick of any dark oligarchy with respect to extirpating inconvenient ideas. Already used against Socrates and seen in the West more recently in the 1945 Nazi trial and execution of the nonviolent resister and bearer of a distinguished German surname, Helmuth James Graf von Moltke.

But there is more to Geert Wilders’s trial. The chicaneries that preceded it, the 70-page rap sheet, the bizarre comments by the Pharisees in charge, the disproportionality between the offense and the prescribed penalty, connote in one’s mind the prosecution’s charges in the most famous trial of them all. Those were charges of blasphemy.

The blasphemy on trial in Amsterdam is not against Allah, though if Eurabia proceeds on course such blasphemy and whatever else the Organization of The Islamic Conference dictates will be proscribed at Dutch law within years, if not months (4). Rather, it’s blasphemy against the religion of multiculturalism, diversity, appeasement, cowardice, treason and vain hopes of 30 shekels of perpetual profit from the Islamglobal economy of The New World Order.

Numerous well-informed observers have noticed the demonstrable truthfulness of Mr. Wilders’s statements for which the Netherlands justice system proposes to fine and jail him for two years, presumably stripping him of his parliamentary immunity first. Wilders’s opening statement in court was itself predicated on the question, “If something is true, how can it be punishable?”

But truth, empirical evidence, justice or the public good have nothing to do with it. This is lawfare – an asymmetrical war by the racially and culturally Europhobic neosocialist oligarchy on the people it governs. A war to squash ideas and the political parties that embody them and therefore jeopardize the oligarchy’s hold on power and the perks of power.

The depths of obscenity

“It is irrelevant whether Wilder’s witnesses might prove Wilders’ observations to be correct”, stated the Dutch Public Prosecution Service (Openbaar Ministerie). “What’s relevant is that his observations are illegal”.

The four paragraphs of the Dutch Penal code under which Geert Wilders is being tried may be found here, but a writer interested in the marrow of things would condense them as follows:

He who publicly, verbally or in writing or image, deliberately expresses himself in a way insulting of, or incites hatred or discrimination or violent behavior against, person or a group of people or their property because of their race, their religion or belief, their gender or hetero-or- homosexual nature or their physical, mental, or intellectual disabilities, will be punished with a prison sentence of up to one year or a big fine, except if he does so in his professional (i.e. Geert Wilders) or avocational (i.e. bloggers, freedom activists) or group (i.e. organized nonviolent resistance) capablity, he will get up to two years in prison and a bigger fine.

In the symposium The Trial of Geert Wilders, the American attorney David Yerushalmi found that this law he calls “fascist” contains a prepackaged guilty verdict against Wilders. What’s most telling to me is that that the law does not discriminate between insulting and advocating violence. Moreover, it expresses the fatwa of the West’s ruling elite against discrimination. That is a death sentence -- for Western civilization.

Without discrimination, neither physical existence nor a moral or intellectual system can obtain, except as miasmatic pap. Without wise discrimination between the inside and the outside, any society is destined for the flush hole of history.

The writer Nidra Poller [ibid.] quotes the Dutch Law Professor Fokko Oldenhuis:

“…the statements of Wilders are un-Dutch, they don’t belong to our Christian-Judaic culture…. He discriminates Moroccans because of their race and causes hate against them…. His desire to ban the Koran brings fear and terror into peoples homes… The laws against hate crimes were made in 1934, to protect the Jews in a reaction to what was happening in Germany.”

Poller asks, “What could be more obscene than enrolling 6 million exterminated Jews in a battle to deprive one honest upstanding legitimate popular Dutch MP of the freedom to oppose the spread of an ideology [i.e. Islam] that blatantly plans the extermination of the remaining Jewish population of the world?”

Time to enter a peculiar character, another lackey of the politically correct regime and a man who would have been perfectly at ease in the ranks of the Stasi. Meet Paul Velleman, prosecutor in the Wilders trial.

A Real Fascist: Velleman was the prosecutor who ordered the arrest, in the middle of the night and by a ten-strong squad of black-clad policemen, of cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot. This ball-less, slimy but all in all dangerous creep (at least for indigenous Dutchmen) shows far less bravado when confronted with offensive cartoons from radical muslim organizations.

"Alas, inconceivably, the persecution of Geert Wilders is more obscene even than that. Two additional participants in the symposium, the Canadian lawyer David B. Harris, and Mark Steyn, pointed out that despite the manifest risks to Wilders’s life, the Dutch government is refusing to hold the trial in a secure courtroom, even though it provided one for the trial of the Dutch-born Muslim murderer of Theo van Gogh. Steyn remarked further that in the Low Countries politicians who challenge the Eurabian arrangement are either banned (Belgium’s Vlaams Blok), forced into exile (Aayan Hirsi Ali) or killed (Pym Fortuyn) – and that the authorities are indifferent as to which of these fates befalls Geert Wilders [ibid.].

But that too does not exhaust the depth of the obscenity. The two prosecutors in the Wilders trial, Paul Velleman and Birgit van Roessel, also work for the Dutch National Discrimination Expertise Center [LECD]. Velleman is the head of LECD. As Gates of Vienna has reported, “Paul Velleman was the prosecutor who had the [offensive to Muslims and anonymous] cartoonist Nekschot picked up in a raid by ten police officers in the middle of the night, and kept him locked up for more than two days. Quote from H. Numan: ‘After release, he was told: You can forget about anonymity now. They know who you are.’“

Alias Gregorius Nekschot is a regular citizen. He cannot afford the security arrangements that the Dutch state must provide for Geert Wilders – one surmises, reluctantly -- due to his parliamentary status. So the declared purpose of Nekschot’s arrest and “outing” was, first, to silence him or get him killed, and second, to send a message to all dhimmitude resisters: Mütze ab! Ve know vho you are, and ve know vere you are too. Therefore, they know it too. Shut up or be killed. Mütze auf!

The Dutch National Discrimination “Expertise” Center has finally bagged the big fish. Everyone knows who he is. But now everyone also knows where he is. And once he is jailed, his parliamentary immunity and security detail stripped, they can finally do the work the dhimmofascist regime would like to do itself."

Seiyo concludes:

"The well-oiled machinery of repression is vast and global. The working of the interlinking cogs may be glimpsed in any “news” (i.e. agitprop) item, e.g. like this report that appeared in the Belgian newspaper Le Soir on the day when 57.5% of directly polled citizens of a sovereign country, Switzerland, decided to prohibit the construction of further Islamic minarets:

“Switzerland votes massively [for] the prohibition of minarets”, reads the headline (in French), under which almost every sentence includes words indicating disappointment, disapproval and condemnation or a negative opinion about the legitimacy of the Swiss people’s sovereign voice.

One is informed that the Green Party plans an appeal before the European Court of Human Rights, for violation of religious freedom. Likewise, the Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism (CECLR) – the Orwellian name alone merits a short pause -- in Belgium, naturally, opines that the victory of 57.5% of the Swiss citizenry is not a victory for democracy. The lawfare of progressive dhimmitude is trotted out too:

“A prohibition that has no effect but on a single religion is contrary to the Belgian Constitution, to the European Treaty of Human Rights, and to different declarations of the United Nations.” [ibid., my translation]

One would wait in vain for the pompous neosocialist frauds running either Le Soir or CECLR or the UN or EU or Switzerland’s Body Snatcher government or the Barko regime in the United States to express equally strong or any opinions concerning the treatment of Christians and Christianity (11) in every Muslim country in the world, or the treatment of whites in South Africa, Zimbabwe and much of the rest of Africa."

If you truly value Freedom, you should with all your might denounce the conclusions of this disgusting Kangaroo Court. Follow this link and write an email to a Dutch embassy and/or consulate wherein you express a.) your support for the brave Dutchman that is Wilders and b.) your disgust for the travesty that this "trial" makes of the Dutch judicial system.

Thank you.


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