Friday, February 19, 2010


Just one article among a bazillion ones. From Belgian daily Het Laatste Nieuws, February 16, 2010:


"AGRESSIVE FATHER NO LONGER ALLOWED TO ENTER SCHOOL IN RONSE. An Omani man has been forbidden on court order to set foot in the Saint-Anthony College in Ronse. Two years ago he molested sports teacher Patrick Vanden Broucke (43) so badly that the man is handicapped for the rest of his life. Only after nine months and extensive surgery could he go back to work [however, not in his former capacity - MFBB]. He [the muslim father - MFBB] did not accept that school regulations proscribed that his daughter had to participate in gym sessions with short pants. Abdullah A. (46) was also convicted to a two year postponed jailtime and a fine of 2,200 EUR if he dares once again to enter school. He also has to pay a fine of 6,500 EUR" (belga/adv).

A fleshed out version of this short article can be found here, where we learn, a.o., that two years ago the ten year old daughter of the Omani man refused to put on the school sports attire consisting of short pants, a T-shirt, and white stockings. Only when the school Director showed up did she dress in the regulatory uniform. One week later, Abdullah A. showed up during sports hour. Teacher Vandenbroucke recognized him since only a short time before, the man had verbally assaulted a female teacher. Abdullah A., a giant of a man, dislodged with tremendous force the teacher's shoulder. X-rays later revealed that tendons and muscles had been torn apart. Patrick Vanden Broucke recalls how after nine months and extensive surgery, upon entering the school's premises again, he found himself face to face again with... Abdullah A., who mocked him....

I came home at quarter to midnight about one hour ago, after yet another hard day's work. Which means I have to limit myself to this short post. This one topic absolutely does not mean I'm short on topics. I could have posted the story of Moroccan gangsters spraying helpless police patrols in certain Brussels neighborhoods with Kalashnikovs, or Moroccan parents (yes, the mother too) who beat two teachers in an Antwerp school into hospital because they deemed a reprimand their kid had gotten in school offensive.

But in the end the conclusion is the same.

I'm sick and tired of all the PC bullcrap about how that grand elusive majority of muslims are peace-loving and law-abiding citizens. They are not. And if you come up with that age-old story about that good decent muslim neighbour you have, I dare you to put him to the test and ask him if he will allow his children to convert to hinduism or christianity or whatever.

The truth is harsh and bleak. The problem is islam. That scumbag handicapped a decent citizen just doing his job FOR LIFE... because he is a muslim. Because he adheres to an insane backward mysogynistic paedophile worshipper cult. THAT, people, is the problem.

Get to terms with it, and learn to handle a weapon. They can already.


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