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Via Galliawatch, a January 29, 2010 exerpt from an utterly sad article by Mireille Popelin, first published at Riposte Laïque:

"There are 12 million of them. French salaried workers. And everything is being done to make them disappear. No one even talks about them anymore! The radical chic ("bobo") Left even says they no longer exist. They endure discrimination. The workers at Conti, at Caterpillar, etc... who fight against the relocation of their companies, who fight against so-called social plans, i.e., unemployment, have to wage their battles alone. They are the people who live in low-income housing and who are subject to the laws of the fanatics and the mafiosi.

Many left the suburbs that had become unlivable. But not those who did not have the means to buy or rent elsewhere. Old retired people who were not able to leave are insulted: "dirty French, old whores, and 4 square meters." You don't know what "4 square meters" refers to? It's the grave. They reduce these older workers to the grave! With targeted spitting, near their shoes. With seats in the bus offered to a veiled Muslim woman apparently younger than they are. At the marketplace it is the Muslim woman who is served first, ostensibly, while the French woman has to wait. The merchants are Arabs. The butcher shops are almost all halal and the retirees have to take a bus or subway to stock up on meat that is not halal. I know them, I listen to them in their retirement clubs.

What of the schools? Islamists are at the door and put pressure on the poor teachers... no swimming pool for girls, no "sex" ed. (We have religion, they say, we don't need that. We don't talk about that.) Biology, history... the teachers often break down, torn between fear and the desire to "pull" these kids towards emancipation and knowledge. I know this well, because it has happened in my family, and it ends with depression and heart attacks.

I'm tired of reading everywhere about the great fears of Muslims who are discriminated against, when fanatics and mafiosi force their "law" in the "lost territories of the Republic".

Note: The Lost Territories of the Republic is the title of a book by Emmanuel Brenner (a pseudonym) that came out in 2002. It describes the breakdown of law and order in large areas of France where even the police dare not go. The following is drawn from a review of the book at JCPA:

The testimonies indicate the serious plight of French democracy. Many teachers close their eyes to the violence, intimidation, and racism. Others describe the perpetrators as "hooligans" or "hoodlums," in denial of the fact that there are elements in the French Muslim community as well as foreign television stations that systematically incite against others. Other teachers try to maintain "social peace" by appeasing the bullies and withholding sympathy from their victims.

The schools' attitudes broadly reflect those of the left-wing government and the previous political position of President Jacques Chirac. During three years of major anti-Semitic incidents, he denied that there was anti-Semitism in France. Only after yet another arson attempt against a Jewish institution in November 2003 did Chirac decide to change his stance.

The cases described are not limited to Jewish victims. Some Christian pupils are so intimidated by the Muslim majority in their classes that they have considered converting to Islam. Teachers are harassed as well. Some Muslim pupils expressed their joy about 11 September, and Bin Laden is a hero to them. It would be a mistake to think that the hatred focuses exclusively on Jews and Americans; the Muslims' main disgust is for the French and French society."

Meanwhile, French officials have far more pressing matters at hand and events to attend which are a gazillion times more important than the stupid pathetic lives of Jean-Claude, Marie-Claire, Sébastien and Sandrine. François Desouche follows Mr. Brice Hortefeux, French Interior Minister, at the occasion of the inauguration of the Grand Mosque of Clermont-Ferrand, central France:

"The Grand Mosque of Clermont-Ferrand, expected since more than ten years by the about 35,000 muslims of Auvergne, was inaugurated this evening by the Interior Minister, Brice Hortefeux.

Integrally financed with 1.2 million EUR by faithful French and foreigners, the mosque, which boasts a dome and soon a minaret, covers a surface of more than 1,000 sq. meters and can accommodate 1,500 people.

"My presence here, as Minister of Interior responsible for religion, is meant as a sign of the will to dialogue which unites the Republic with France's muslims", declared Hortefeux, who was accompanied by the rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris, Dalil Boubakeur, the chairman of the National Muslim Council, Mohammed Moussaoui, diplomats and religious and political personalities.

"This mosque is the hallmark of an islam of peace, moderate, far from the radical sermons that may poison the life of France's muslims, Hortefeux added. Boubakeur said that as far as he is concerned, the mosque is "a historical work", "a place of love, peace and spirituality for all the faithful of the region".

Hortefeux, at the same time Regional Councillor of Auvergne, then donned a burnous, a traditional muslim garb presented to authorities, offered by the mosque's imam Hocine Mahdjoub."

You may remember the name Hortefeux. He is the lunatic who insisted, on January 1, 2010, that things had been quite calm the previous night and that a turning point in the Carbeques phenomenon had been reached because "only" 1,137 cars had been torched, as opposed to 1,147 the year before. What he apparently failed to notice was that in order to get the tally down a paltry 10 (ten) cars, 10,000 more riot police had been deployed.

Here's a short video of this dhimmi scoundrel and traitor:

Meanwhile, construction of mosques all over France continues like a whirlwind. Below you see a photo of the building site of the Grand Mosque of Strasbourg, in France's east.

And this is the projected Grand Mosque of Marseille, construction of which saw the green light in January:

Sweden is bad. The UK is bad. Germany is bad. The Netherlands is very bad. Belgium is bad. But I am pretty certain the first country to go down in flames will be France.

Let no one say there were no warnings.

Outlaw Mike, the mean Belgian/Flemish Capitalist, Conservative and Christian follower of Hayek, Von Mises and Friedman salutes you.


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