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Basically every former colonial power has a segment of the population that's composed of natives from those colonies, or descendants thereof. Belgium has its Congolese, Britain its Pakistanis and Indians, France its Algerians. And the Dutch have, amongst others, Moluccans, from the island group the Moluccas in the east of the Indonesian archipelago. They are the descendants of about 4,000 Moluccan troopers of the KNIL, the Koninklijk Nederlands-Indisch Leger (or Royal Dutch East Indies Army), and 7,500 of their family members. They came to the Netherlands after 1950 when the whole of Indonesia became one nation, fearing reprisals since they had been some kind of KNIL elite corps, not unlike the Gurkhas in the British Army. Anno 2010 the Moluccans are an accepted and totally integrated part of Dutch society (despite troubles in the seventies), a fact that in large part can be contributed to the Christian beliefs many hold (the Portuguese introduced Christianity on the Moluccas during their short rule before the Dutch arrival in 1599).

Muslims would not be muslims if on the Moluccan home-islands they would not have tried to impose their rule too. Between 1999 and 2002 the muslim terrorist organization Laskar Jihad unleashed a terrible war on the Moluccas against the Christian half of the population whereby thousands were killed and 500,000 were forced to flee their houses. Naturally, this conflict led to tensions between muslims and Moluccans in the Netherlands too. To cut a long story short, in Holland the two communities are not exactly on best terms.

Around New Years Eve, news leaked out that terrible riots between the two communities had been taking place for a prolonged time already in the town of Culemborg, in the centre of The Netherlands. Things got really nasty when Moroccans in a car deliberately tried to overrun Moluccan youths. From NRC Handelsblad, January 5 2010:

Race riots lead to emergency measures in Culemborg
Published: 5 January 2010 17:16 Changed: 6 January 2010 13:24

Two nights of riots between youths of Moroccan and Moluccan background have led to a police lock-down in the Terweijde neighbourhood. It’s typical of ‘young male syndrome’ says a riot-expert with 25 years experience. New Year’s Eve is a time for feasting and fighting.

Race rioting has led to emergency measures in the Dutch city of Culemborg. The Terweijde district is on police lock-down after two episodes of violence between youths of Moroccan origin and others of Moluccan (Indonesian) background. Yesterday, Terweijde was cordoned off by police and strict security measures installed. A hundred officers are preventing outsiders from entering, gatherings of over three people are banned, and CCTV cameras are monitoring all movements. The measures will stay in place for at least two weeks, officials have announced.

The riots began on New Years Eve when a car drove into a group of Moluccans in the front garden of a house in Terweijde. Several of them were hurt. Two of the five men in the car, all between 18 and 21 years old, were attacked by bystanders. In the rioting that followed, windows were smashed and several people wounded. One girl, the daughter of a Moluccan mother and Dutch father, ended up in hospital with concussion when a stone entered their home.

Police say about a hundred youngsters, fifty of them Moroccan and fifty Moluccan, were involved. Five young men were arrested, four Moroccans and one Moluccan, including the driver of the car, who was charged with attempted manslaughter. On Saturday, a 43-year old man was also arrested on suspicion of involvement. According to a police spokesman, two of the suspects were from other parts of The Netherlands.

The following video shows a Dutch-Moluccan neighborhood that got a visit by Moroccans:

Why is it that muslims cannot live in peace with literally anybody, not even with themselves?

Another topic at random. The mayor of the small town of Zaltbommel, in the East Netherlands, needs polic protection round the clock. The reason? He's been receiving threats from Moroccan youths.

From the Dutch satirical website GeenStijl:

And amidst all the mess a police van stands in front of Mayor Albert Van den Bosch (VVD). Since police earlier this week lifted two Moroccan shoplifters (17 and 18) from class, it's Alarm Phase 1 in Zaltbommel. The duo fled with their booty in the Philips School, whereupon the premises were evacuated on orders of the mayor. The reason? An overwhelmingly Moroccan gang, friends of the two, attacked the police. There was some scolding. A couple of persons were threatened off. Here and there a car window and/or mirror was smashed. Reason enough for Van Den Bosch to sweep the school's premises clean and issue a letter calling the Moroccans' behaviour "totally unacceptable". But the neighborhood knows since long that Moroccan youths are misbehaving systematically in Zaltbommel. Criminals, loverboys and other scum. Even GreenLeft in Zaltbommel is currently worrying. And thus police officers patrol 24/7 in front of the mayor's house. As a precaution. You never know.

Schiphol, near Amsterdam, is The Netherlands' prime International Airport. The fella you see on that still is, of course, the Xmasbomber, Omar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who was able to board a KLM/Air France flight on Schiphol while possessing 80 grams of high explosive (pentaerythritol tetranitrate). Security scanners would have detected the package containing the PETN, but of the 17 installed at Schiphol, none was operational.

Well, what do you want. Dutch terrorism experts are too busy writing scientific reports telling those dumb Dutch citizens, of which you see a fine collection below:

... that the REAL DANGER is a weirdly coiffed ashblonde guy who for some reason needs to walk around with a squad of bodyguards, has to sleep at different locations, and can see his wife only once a week.

As fate would have it, the guy who overpowered Abdulmutallab was just such a dumb Dutch citizen: 32-year old filmmaker Jasper Schuringa, a white heterosexual male. He's probably a rightwing extremist.

Well, maybe all's not that bad. It looks like the Wilders trial may turn out to become something altogether different from what Hollands PC cabal intended it to be.


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