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Scene: "Friendly" interland soccer match Belgium-Turkey. Place: King Baudoin Stadium, Brussels. Date: October 10, 2009.

The Belgian national football team the "Rode Duivels" (Red Devils) won with 2-0 from the Turks. The Turkish supporters did not exactly like it. The video shows how the Turks demolish the stadium:

Oh yeah... Miss Belgium 2009, Zeynep Sever, is of Turkish descent (how lovely multicutlural). You may guess three times where exactly she was in the stadium during the match:

a.) among the Turkish supporters wreaking havoc.
b.) among the Turkish supporters wreaking havoc.
c.) among the Turkish supporters wreaking havoc.

Simply a matter of having your loyalties, erm, priorities right, huh?

Small beer you say? Okay. How about this? Via François Desouche:


One party thinks their goodwill has been abused, the other party thinks they did nothing wrong. Since about three weeks, the Turkish muslim community of Rheinfelden has installed three loudspeakers on the minaret of the Alperenler mosque for the call to prayer.

The muslim community had however engaged itself to never install loudspeakers when in February 2002, the city of Rheinfelden had given permission to build a minaret..."

You give these traitors a finger, they take a hand. Meanwhile the pitiful remnants of christian communities in Turkey and every other muslim country are harassed day and night, and their churches demolished.

Now that we are at it, some news from Turks outside the EU.



by NAT da Polis

"About 90 tombstones are broken. Incidents of this nature are not rate in the city but the local press failed to report it. Only recently and through a movie, have young Turks begun to learn about past anti-Christian pogroms. Ecumenical patriarch Bartholomew visits the cemetery in question.

Istanbul (AsiaNews) – A Christian cemetery was desecrated in Istanbul. Unknown person or persons broke 90 tombstones that bore the sign of the cross and the name of the deceased. The incident occurred a few days ago in the historic cemetery of Valukli near the ancient Valukli Monastery, the only monastery dedicated to Our Lady still open in Istanbul, located outside the ancient walls of Theodosius, and which five non-resident nuns care for.

Istanbul’s Christian cemeteries have been desecrated on a number of occasions in the past 20 years. The latest outrage brought back memories of the tragic events of September 1955 when churches, cemeteries and properties owned by Istanbul’s Orthodox community were desecrated and destroyed in a pogrom. Eventually dubbed the September pogrom, the event was the brainchild of Turkey’s political-bureaucratic-military establishment, known here as Derin Devlet or ‘deep state’..."

Poor patriarch. Poor, wretched community of Turkish Christians.


You would perhaps think, when there is such a MASSIVE BODY of evidence around (the topics above are but the tip of the tip of the tip of the iceberg), that no sensible EU politician would advocate Turkey's entry in the EU, right?


When Turkish PM Abdullah Gul visited France on October 7 at the occasion of the exhibition "Istanbul through the Ages" in Paris, he must have been pleasantly surprised to see the Eiffel Tower lit up in the colours of the Turkish flag. it would be one thing (but still too much) if the Eiffel Tower was lit up only with regards to that exhibition. Alas. The Eiffel Tower bathes in red and white light FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH.

And all over Europe, major politicians are simply proceeding with Turkey's EU admission preparations.... while Turkey is turning more islamist day after day. In Belgium, a once visionary political talent, Guy Verhofstadt, who TWENTY YEARS AGO warned against the dangers of rising islamic extremism... is now a strong advocate of Turkey's entry in the EU.

Apparently, many want to get f*cked hard in the ass these days.

As for me, reading the news has become utterly depressing.

We are being betrayed by our own politicians. A nightmare is engulfing us.


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