Sunday, July 26, 2009


OK, Sunday night. Fell asleep on the sofa yesterday night before I could make it to the puter. I actually wanted to post "Step On" from The Happy Mondays, but couldn't find the original clip, only live performances that sucked. So I turned to The Stone Roses with "Fool's Gold", one of the songs which made my life bearable at a time when I seemed to make a brilliant career in flunking dates with hot ch*cks.

Moby's Slipping Away is SO typical for the West's Zeitgeist in that it totally rejects the hope for some kind of afterlife provided by Christendom. Dead is dead, gone is gone, grab your piece of the fun while you can, don't procreate because it's bad for the planet etc etc etc. What do you want, we live in the age of snotty know-it-all pseudo-intellectuals, self-loathing hedonists and wackademics who'd better try to do some work for one day that gives them blisters on their hands. In short, Moby is one of those folks who love to crap on our Heritage. But let no one say he can't make good music.

Hey, nite all.


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