Friday, October 03, 2008


The Dutch maverick group blog GeenStijl, probably the most popular blog in The Netherlands, has a nice header:


(Never mind the truncated pic below of the fella with a knife in his head. Just a case of knife culture. Like the Brits, the Dutch have recently discovered they, too, now have a knife culture).

They wouldn't want to hear it themselves but some would call GeenStijl a rightwing blog. Imho they are not really rightwing, they just don't respect anybody. E.g., they regularly bash the small fundamentalist christian party ChristenUnie, of which the main constituency is in The Netherlands' very own "Bible Belt". But what is certain is that they reserve most of their scorn for the left in Holland, since few countries in Europe are more PC and terminally multicutlural than the small kingdom of wooden shoes and windmills by the North Sea.

One of the many cases in point was when last summer, at the occasion of the DNC in Denver, they trashed the Dutch public broadcasting company NPS, and then especially its news chapter NOVA. NPS is somewhat like PBS in the States: a government-sponsored TV station. As such it is supposed to be politically neutral, just like in Belgium the VRT is supposed to be politically neutral. But like the fellas from GeenStijl use to say: Helaas Pindakaas (loosely translated as Unfortunately Cucumber Jelly). Like PBS in the US of A, NPS and NOVA in The Netherlands are as far left as you can get before settling for good in NORK. So when the Obamessiah had his styrofoam pillars of wisdom erected on the DNC stage one month and a half ago, the NPS Board had the luminous idea to dispatch ONE THIRD, or TWENTY (20) of the sixtyplus strong NOVA staff, to Colorado. For the sake of objectivity, NPS would also, certainly certainly, send a delegation to the Republican Convention one week later in St.-Paul, Minnesota. The Dutch public must get its daily news portion fair and balanced!!! Only, the delegation would consist of ONE reporter (that's één, un, uno, eins, jeden). The reason according to NPS/NOVA? McCain would lose anyway! To cut a long story short, were it not for GeenStijl Jan Klaas would never know NPS sent a platoon to the DNC and a dog with a hat on to the RNC because, well, because the news is made by NPS! Thank God that inconvenient truth guy invented the internet!

Another megahit was Geenstijl's coverage, also last summer, of the colourful career of a certain Wijnand Duyvendak, MP for the greenleft party Groenlinks, a collection of commie ecobozos so far down the cliff that it makes a sane person, upon realizing these folks have political power, fear for humanity's future. Now who the f*ck is Wijnand Duyvendak? GeenStijl found out that he was the brain behind several burglings in military complexes (a.o. in Dubbeldam) as well as in the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1985. During these sessions Mr. Duyvendak stole sensitive military documents and plans for a nuclear powerplant. What for? Could the verrrrrry friendly contacts between the euroleftist parties and their comrades from across the Iron Curtain have something to do with it? Furthermore Mr. Duyvendak and his cronies personally torched several Makro complexes (Makro being the Dutch equivalent of Wal-Mart) as well as Shell petrol stations. Cost: 100 million gulden, about 50 million US $. Wijnand Duyvendak, the Dutch William AyersMotif? The ties Makro and Shell had with South Africa, at the time still under the Apartheid regime. In the nineties Duyvendak popped up as one of the strongmen of the extreme leftwing organization Milieudefensie (Environmental Defence), which used illegal ways to block the expansion of Schiphol International Airport. Milieudefensie closely collaborated with another extreme leftwing outfit called Milieu-Offensief (Environment Offensive), which counted in its ranks another colourful character, a certain Volkert Van Der Graaf . In a later life this tolerant diversity champion would decide that a certain Dutch politician, Pim Fortuyn, posed a threat to society, and dealt with him in hiw own peculiar way, but that is another story. As for Duyvendak and Van Der Graaf, well, it's another illustration that birds of a feather flock together, especially endangered spec, erm, I meant dangerous species. To cut a long story short, Wijnand Duyvendak, this bomb layer, arsonist, burglar of military secrets, developer of terrorist sleeper cells and criminal trespasser, the Dutch William Ayers so to say, entered Dutch Parliament in May 2007. For once, what is possible in the States, namely that an avowed and unrepentant terrorist can continue to live like a free man and even take up a high public position, proved impossible in The Netherlands: GeenStijl's merciless reporting on Duyvendak led to his dismissal from Dutch Parliament one month ago.

Anyway... while I don't think GeenStijl would really appreciate being labeled rightwing - that Palin supporting slogan warms the heart. And I may hope not only of us beleagured mavericks in blood(y) red Europe, but also across the pond.


P.S.: hey, pssssst Sarah! That debate of yours! You won!

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