Wednesday, March 29, 2006


This makes me want to administer a beat down.

I realize these are just ignorant high school pukes, but they're getting this mindset from somewhere. The symbolism here is telling. Sure, we're all racists and alarmists to "fear" illegal immigration. It sure warms the heart to see all these "Americans" embracing their "homeland."

Here's an idea: If you like Mexico so much and you are so proud of Mexican culture, how about moving south of the border and doing something to make your homeland something other than a filthy, corrupt parasite to the United States? Nah, better to just suckle the teat and then complain that somehow you are being oppressed by the man because real Americans with legal citizenship don't care to be your financial benefactors.

It used to be that this sort of thing would have fallen under the realm of common sense and dismissed off hand as madness; of course illegals should be treated as criminals; THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW!!! But we have softened socially to the point where political correctness and fear of insulting anyone other than white men is going to make us flush the whole thing down the toilet.

We owe illegal immigrants nothing other than a free trip back over the border. I know too many good, hard working legal immigrants who played by the rules and paid their dues to get here to even consider giving any kind of amnesty or "guest worker" bullshit free ride to any of these people. Just imagine the gall of illegally entering another country and then demanding largesse from that country's people. I wonder if Mexico's government would be willing to pay for my family's health care if I moved to Cancun?

And George Bush is part of the problem. I'll say it again: Beyond most of what he's done with the WOT and tax cuts, I don't see much to be impressed with.

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