Sunday, December 25, 2005


Alas, again no white Christmas in BelgoSmurfLandTM this year. Prospects for it had been better though ever since I was a kid, for we had our first snowfall halfway November, an absolute rarity ever since Bush screwed the climate.

Nevertheless, I'd like to share these pics with you, taken yesterday, December 24, at around 9pm on or around my hometown's market square. I really love this place. Although I live now in Wallonia, I can nor will ever forget I'm a (censured) at heart. Every year a beautiful Christmas Tree adorns the square, as well as a large Christmas stable right in front of the Saint-Bartholomew Church.

Market SquareThe photo to the left shows the same market square taken from the opposite side. The beautifully lit building between the Tree and the church is the old Town Hall, now used for touristic purposes only. My hometown was officially declared a town in 1068 by Boudewijn VI, Count of Flanders, and IIRC the building in the photo is built on the same location where the original townhouse, built in the twelfth century, stood. Time and again it was destroyed and rebuilt, the last time, roughly one hundred years ago, in neogothic style.

Anyway, White Christmas or not, I'd like to wish the readers of DowneastBlog - those of good will - a heartfelt MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


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