Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I've got your WMD's right here. Go to image #2 in this slideshow.

Gee whiz, where did this stuff come from? I heard this story on an NPR (!) report last week, and of course they went out of their way to say that there was no proof that these weapons were in Iraq at the time of the invasion. Unfortunately, this is what would have happened even if WMD's were found 3 days after the invasion. The left would have switched gears to the "there's no proof these were here at the time of the invasion" angle, and it would still be an illegitimate war in their minds. There have already been other WMD's found in Iraq, and they were explained away by the left because there was a good chance they predated the first gulf war. I guess there was some kind of grandfather clause in the UN resolution.

I think the invasion of Iraq was the right move even without stockpiles of WMD's, but this development withers the case against the war significantly. Funny how the lack of WMD's is front page news, but when they are found, the MSM looks the other way. How long before we see a report about the Marines planting the Sarin?

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