Tuesday, September 28, 2004


A short update on the Burqas in Belgium story. In the Eastern Belgian town of Maaseik, pop. 20,000, the past week some 5 Moroccan women have been signalled wearing burqas Taliban-style. This has caused quite some unrest among the locals, and today, this means one week after the facts, Flemish Minister of Internal Affairs Marino Keulen ordered his administration to draft a police regulation forbidding wearing the burqa in public.

Keulen, acting upon the adage that if it looks like a tent, speaks like a tent (*) and is fastened up like a tent, it is probably a Muslim woman, said: “I think it’s normal that non-identifiable people in the streets conjure up an image of insecurity. The burqa also can’t be considered a normal religious symbol.”

The Vlaams Blok noted dryly on its website that Maaseik is only the second case. It appears that in Molenbeek, a western borough of Brussels, burqas are being worn already longer. Especially in shops in the Zuidstraat and Brabantstraat they seem to go swiftly over the counter, underscoring the frantic efforts of our Muslim brethren to integrate themselves in western society.

Luckily we still have the European entertainment sector, in casu German movies, to cheer us up a little: the opening week of “The Downfall” (Der Untergang), about Hitlers last days in his bunker in Berlin, drew almost half a million people. The film recounts the story as seen from the viewpoint of Traudl Junge, one of Hitlers secretaries. Playing Herr Hitler is Swiss actor Bruno Ganz. The film is different from earlier ones dealing with the subject in that it also shows Hitlers human side (sic), and so we can see him like granpa Jones giving Goebbels children a ride on his knee (sniff!!! How touching!!!). The Holocaust? Oops, we almost forgot that!!! Luckily some smartass managed to throw in some prose dealing with that footnote somewhere between the happy end and the names of the cast.

Bruno Ganz as Hitler

(Uncle Adolph having a bad hair day)

Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhh… Napoleon ruined his country, got its territorial integrity damaged and made a million French women widow – not to speak of the much worse carnage inflicted in virtually every European country. Today he rests in the Panthéon under a top-heavy sarcophagus and is considered a demi-god.

If you ask me, in 50 years the site in Berlin where Uncle Adolph traded this earthly valley of tears for 72 virgins will be adorned by a 20-foot statue of Germany’s Last True Action Hero.


(*) (i.e. keeps its piehole shut)

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