Thursday, July 29, 2004

OK, I caught most of Edwards' speech last night, and from the the standpoint of the Democrats, I think he did pretty well. It's clear they're going full out on the optimism angle, which is probably a good strategy. One aspect of the speech for me was very telling. At one point Edwards started reeling off the specific things that the Kerry administration was going to do for Americans. Every sentence started with "we're going to give you..." followed by some tax credit or some other item. This sums up what is wrong with the Democrats in my view. They see government revenue as the government's money. When they decide to distribute this wealth back to the people, they see this as "generous." What garbage. It's the people's money, and you shouldn't be bragging about giving it back to those who didn't put as much into the pile to begin with. I'm convinced that if the American electorate truly understood how our taxes work, the Democrats would be toast. Until then, the class warfare rhetoric will always find an audience. "Look how much the Democrats care about us." Please.

We need the FairTax now. Can you imagine what these politicians would have to do to get your vote if there was no way to buy it?

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