Thursday, January 15, 2004

Regarding immigration policy depending on nationality, I tend to agree with Scott. Part of our problem these days is that we've offered our nation up as a sort of huge, milk laden teat for all the world to suckle. Back when our immigration policies actually made sense (ie. we were discriminating in who we admitted and denied) it made sense to grant asylum to Cubans who were fleeing a ruthless, totalitarian regime. The difference was they were looking to escape their situation, our social services were not beckoning them to latch on to a big ol' nipple. Also, these people for the most part planned on returning to their nations someday, once their totalitarian governments were overthrown.

Alas, today the picture is a bit different (Thank you Senator Kennedy and the 1965 Immigration Reform Act). People from oppressed nations can tug at our heartstrings claiming to be fleeing oppression when they really just want the freebies the American taxpayer provides.

I believe that particularly since September 11th, 2001 we need to make drastic changes to our immigration laws. An amnesty for illegals, pardon me "undocumented workers" is not the answer. We can find Americans to perform the menial labor that these people currently do (See this article by Kate O'Beirne at NRO) by removing (my preference) or otherwise heavily gutting our national social services so the people living on these services will have an incentive to work. This would also dampen the zeal of those from around the world who flock to our nation for a handout.

(RANT ON) I know, I'm a heartless, conservative bastard. It's called pragmatism, and while it may not make your inner child (gag) all warm and fuzzy it will allow you clowns to remain in your little syrupy, utopian dreamworld because we'll still have a United States of America. If we had things your way and lived in our little collectivist commune and Read Marx out loud as we played our bongo drums, guess what? You guys would be the first one complaining because of the totalitarian way things were shaping up, AND you guys would be the first ones shot into the shallow graves you'd just dug yourselves.

So yes, you soft-hearted, softer-headed, "can't we all just get along?", group-hug types should be thanking the likes of me. And you're welcome! (RANT OFF)

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