Sunday, November 25, 2018


Via Tech2, a Dutch internet news outlet:

"Mayor Femke Halsema of Amsterdam will not cooperate in enforcing a ban on face-covering clothing in the capital. She said that on Friday evening at a meeting with young people in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. "You can be sure that I will not allow Amsterdam to follow suit."

The Senate voted in June with a bill that prohibits the wearing of face-covering clothing in educational and healthcare institutions, government buildings and public transport. Those who do not comply with the ban risk a fine of 410 euros. Minister Kajsa Ollongren (Home Affairs, D66), who is responsible for introducing the 'burqa ban', has not yet set an effective date.

Mayor Halsema, who talks about public order, now says he does not want to cooperate in enforcing the ban:

"It does not fit with Amsterdam that we take women out of the tram because they carry a nikab. That is not negotiable? "

The plan for a burqa ban is originally from Geert Wilders (PVV) and was then taken over by the Rutte I and II cabinets. It concerns a prohibition on wearing burkas, nikabs, balaclavas and full-face helmets."

Femke Halsema is a prominent member of the Dutch Greens. One wonders what it is with these self-proclaimed heroines of the left whose political stance is more than anything else centered around the 'fight' against that dreaded 'white patriarchy'. Yet they have no qualms aiding and abetting an utterly mysoginistic politico-religious doctrine which since its inception 1,400 years ago has treated women at the very best like second rate citizens.

Unfortunately, Halsema is no isolated case. Indeed, in a frightening number of cases, mayoral posts in important European cities are taken in by women of leftist/green signature who can reliably be counted upon to accommodate their muslim constituents, of which the men are notorious for their far more dominant concept of 'patriarchy' vis-à-vis cowed and pussified western males.

Take, for example, Anne Hidalgo, the far-left Mayor of Paris aka Shitville.

The photo shows Hidalgo in typical dhimmi pose with the notorious muslim grand rector of Paris, Dalil Boubakeur. Boubakeur is the one who suggested that thousands of underattended or empty French churches be converted to mosques, and who stated emphatically that muslim identity transcends national (read French) identity. He also actively campaigned pro Macron, and it is practically a given that the latter became French President not only per the votes of gullible milennials, but also, just as importantly, thanks to the muslim votes. Actually, one can state with near certainty that just as was the case with Macron's predecessor, François Hollande, it was the determining factor.

We mentioned a couple of weeks ago Ada Colau, the far-left and green activist who made it Mayor of Barcelona...

... another one who can't wait to roll out the red carpet for muslim wifebeaters.

And who can forget Henriette Reker, the leftist mayor of Cologne, whose advice to the women in her city, post the horrific New Year gropefest a couple of years back, to "keep an arm's length distance" when in danger of being sexually assaulted!

And now Halsema, who has got no problem whatsoever with women wearing the burqa. In Amsterdam! What IS it with these insane women?


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