Friday, November 30, 2018


Via the site of the Dutch PVV party (Partij voor Vrijheid):

A video in a similar vein by Faith Goldy:

In The Netherlands too, there's a debate going on about whether or not to sign the UN Migration Pact, but only because PVV and FvD have brought the issue to the table. If they had not raised awareness, the Dutch government delegation would have flown to Morocco in the first week of December and the Dutch would have known they were screwed only on DEC 12.

It's a crying shame that, apart from Geert Wilders and Thierry Baudet, so damn few - if any - of The Netherlands' top dogs in politics are speaking out against the UN's 'Global Compact for Migration'. What struck me over the past weeks is that the only other one to raise his voice was the very respected former VVD politician like Frits Bolkestein: ex State Secretary for Economy, ex Minister of Defense, ex European Commissioner for the Internal Market and... octogenarian.

"VVD-prominent Frits Bolkestein waarschuwt voor de rampzalige gevolgen van het VN-migratiepact dat het kabinet-Rutte op 10/11 december in Marrakesh (Marokko) wil tekenen. Zijn oproep aan het kabinet: Teken niet! (EenVandaag, 20 november 2018)"

"Frits Bolkestein, prominent VVD politician, warns for the disastrous consequences of the UN migration pact the Rutte government wants to sign in Marrakesh (Morocco) on DEC 10/11. His appeal to the cabinet: Don't Sign! (EenVandaag, 20 NOV 2018)."

Bolkestein is the eminence grise of Dutch politics. If you thought his resume as a career politician was impressive, how about his formative years:

"Bolkestein attended the Barlaeus Gymnasium in Amsterdam from 1945 to 1951, where he majored in both arts and sciences. Upon completing his gymnasium education, he was an undergraduate in mathematics at Oregon State College from 1951 to 1953. Subsequently he went to the University of Amsterdam, where he received a BSc degree in mathematics and physics in 1955.[2] In 1959 he received a MA degree in philosophy and Greek from the same university. Bolkestein subsequently received a BSc degree from The London School of Economics in 1963, and an LLM degree from Leiden University in 1965."

In a normal world, if an indvidual like Bolkestein speaks, the others listen. But this is far from a normal world. In place of the Bolkesteins have come ignorant twats like the Dutch PM Mark Rutte, who can't wait to sign this suicide pact:

Sign of the times. The childless Rutte is going to allow the Dutch dykes to break and flood his entire country with Third World flotsam, thereby destroying everything that made this small country on the North Sea so admirable.

Will the Dutch wake up in time and send a strong signal to their government that they don't want to commit suicide as a nation?

Honestly, I doubt it.

Far too many European minds are...

... rotten and corrupted.


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