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Corinna Miazga is an upcoming German politician - actually, more precisely Bavarian - for AfD (Alternative fuer Deutschland). In the next two videos, courtesy our Waffenbrueder at Gates of Vienna, she explains the disastrous consequences the UN Migration Pact will have for Germany and by extension, the West:

As per usual, MissPiggy is responsible for translation while Vlad Tepes did the subtitling.

Not that it won't matter much anymore, since the Bundestag, the German parliament, last week convincingly voted FOR signing the suicide pact. Indeed, on Thursday 372 MP's voted for supporting the pact, and only 153 against. There were 141 abstentions. In a country that has had to endure such an enormous mayhem from invading muslim hordes post Merkel's insane 2015 Open Door policy, such an overwhelming support for a pact that will only lead to more of the same is a clear sign that the rot has set in among the authochton population as well. Certainly, more Europeans than before realize the continent is now a slippery slope; but on the other hand, the refusal to punish those responsible is indicative of a broader nihilism without precedent which, certainly in Germany, still manages to snuff out the dissenters. Too many Germans - too many Europeans, for that matter - don't even care anymore whether their country and/or continent goes down the drain.

More info has come out about the origin of the dreaded document. In a perverse way, Merkel flooding the country with millions of unassimilable Third Worlders seems to have been the main impetus behind drafting the pact, as Michael Stuerzenberger reports in PI-News:

"Merkel dürfte mit hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit die treibende Akteurin hinter diesem unheilvollen Bestreben sein. Ihre Vollzugskraft ist diese Louise Arbour, eine zutiefst linksliberal und pro-arabisch eingestellte 71-jährige Kanadierin, die von 2004 bis 2008 Hochkommissarin für „Menschenrechte“ bei den Vereinten Nationen war. "

So Merkel floods Germany with clitoridectomists and rapists, and three years later thinks it worked so well that she might employ the tactic for the rest of the developed world. Angela Merkel, Europe's own Jamie Gorelick, be it on steroids, can be compared to an arsonist who burns down a city block, and then manages to convince the Fire Department to stack combustibles in the surrounding blocks as an effective means to prevent the entire city burning down.

And one gruesome witch found another to prepare their mortal cocktail. Merkel found an ally in Louise Arbour, the Canadian extreme leftist and antisemitic UN Migration commissioner:


Angela Merkel feels the growing resistance and fights more and more fiercely for the UN migration pact. One ally in this is Louise Arbour, UN Special Envoy for International Migration, who wants the UN Pact to give Merkel legitimacy for her migration policy. In a frank interview with "Die Zeit", Merkel's comrade confirmed that "the initiative for this came from Europe after the European crisis of 2015". And now it's not just Union (Merkel's Government) politicians who are wondering who in the German government launched this initiative.

As has been repeatedly suspected, the German government has obviously had the overall lead behind the scenes of this pact right from the start.

As Wolfram Weimer writes in an article on n-tv, under the chairmanship of German and Moroccan diplomats, politicians and various interest groups had met in 2017 and 2018 at several events of the "Global Forum on Migration and Development" (GFMD). With the help of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the GFMD had played a key role in formulating the Marrakesh Paper. On the GFMD website, the summit in Morocco is declared the " Highlight " of the "global migration community" for the establishment of "general principles and legally enforceable obligations" of migration."

You may recall Arbour. Watch her in this Munk Debate video confronting her and historian Simon Shama with Mark Steyn and Nigel Farage debating the 'global refugee crisis':

Mark Steyn handed Arbour her fat ass in that one. But unfortunately, in today's world there are far more Arbours than Steyns.


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