Friday, November 30, 2018


All the doom and gloom of late gets a man down, and presumably a woman too, and prolly also Chelsea Manning, so I thought I'd start a new gimmick on DowneastBlog to lift the spirits at the beginning of the weekend. I could have borrowed another British Mountaineering vid but I figure not everyone is interested in people sweating their asses off just to scale Ben Lomond or Beinn Chìochan or whatev and besides, I might actually induce people to do just that. Upon which sooner or later they would find themselves on top, asking themselves 'WTF am I doing here' and cursing that weirdo in Belgistan. Worse, some might even fall down a cliff and DIE, which wouldn't be such a problem if the reader in question was a leftist or a greenie but firstly he/she/xe might also be rightwing in which case it would be a shame and second I don't think there's many of the former category to begin with.

So, no mountain videos, no artsy fartsy posts either that's for Sunday (weather permitting), AND it's not Saturday yet so no boring Gen X music either. I'll just post an Answers with Joe video (hat tip OutlawDaughter) and since I am surrounded day and night by freaks I thought his post about the most inbred people of all time would be a good start. Here goes:

Have a nice weekend.


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