Saturday, December 01, 2018


The Human League with Open Your Heart. Album Dare (1981).

Brit synthpop band, formed in 1977 in Sheffield, still around. Only constant member is Philip Oakey, although Susan Ann Sulley and Joanne Catherall have been around since 1980. Back in the day, they were quite hot. Of the two, I preferred the blonde, Sulley:

Not that I want to suggest I'm a gentleman.

Fischer-Z with Song and Dance Brigade. From the 1981 album Red Skies over Paradise.

Meh. I can sympathize. No one appreciates my long experience either.

Fischer-Z formed in Uxbridge in 1976 and is supposedly still around too. BTW, if you ever wondered where the name comes from, it's a statistical term coined or introduced or whatever by Ronald Aylmer Fisher, famous statistician, population genetics pioneer, and winner of the prestigious Copley Medal. His Fisher Z-Transformation is a way to transform the sampling distribution of Pearson’s r (i.e. the correlation coefficient) so that it becomes normally distributed. The “z” in Fisher Z stands for a z-score.

Slaap wel.


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