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Filip Dewinter is truly the Last Flemish Knight.

In Parliament today (sorry, no subtitles):

What his speech boils down to is that for Vlaams Belang, basically the discussions of the last few days are not about the legitimacy of "Michel II", in effect a caretaker government since the departure of the N-VA, it's not even about the fall of the government, no, Dewinter KEEPS reiterating that for VB the discussion still should be about the fall of the Pact.

Yesterday I wrote:

"... This is all true, but I would put it another way. N-VA is not focussing anymore on (belatedly) stopping the pact because it doesn't think it is possible. No, N-VA isn't focussing anymore on that because it judges that it has made its show. For at heart, N-VA WAS NEVER AGAINST THE PACT. As mentioned yesterday, the N-VA Minister for Immigration, Theo Francken, was in Morocco last May where he read the draft (or even contributed to it) and APPROVED of it. It was only because VB called out N-VA that the latter party made a sudden U-turn, fearing backlash in the federal elections in May. And rightly so feared, courtesy the stellar score of VB in the recent municipal elections.

N-VA calculates that it has now convinced the population that it has fought tooth and nail to stop the UN monstrosity and that this will suffice to persuade the voters next year that they'd better stay with them instead of casting their votes for VB again (both parties are fishing in the same pond)."

And not wanting to brag, but I think it's fair to say I was spot on. We haven't heard a word from N-VA fraction leader De Roover anymore; and windbag and utter failure as Immigration Minister Theo Francken is flipflopping on the subject of supporting 'Michel II' and it's as if the main topic, the damned SHAM that is the UN Migration Pact, that invitation to the Third World to swamp developed nations and thereby change forever the racial, ethnic and political composition of in particular Europe... has been completely forgotten.

N-VA put up a charade and all it cared about was creating the perception that they were against it.

Now that they fled from the despicable clique around Charles Michel, they figure that they can fool the population that they did all they could to stop it...

... but if they REALLY wanted to stop it they would continue and even step up their efforts. They should have joined VB at the Council of State yesterday.

N-VA shows here for the umpteenth time its true face. Make that faces, cause it's a party with a Janus head.

Enough about the N-VA cowards and hypocrites, and I wish the Vlaams Belang every success with their continued struggle to the bitter end. The Council of Ministers will on Monday 17 DEC communicate its decision of whether or not Michel II signing the UN Migration Pact was constitutional, given that it is a caretaker government and has de facto no legitimacy for international endeavours of that magnitude. Some 44 judges have their say in the Council of State, I have to admit it's a fairly decent judicial body, one of the hightest in the country, and they have made many good arrests. It wouldn't be the first time the Vlaams Belang wins a case. Of course, Belgium being what it is, powerful forces may be working behind the screens. So much is at stake! After all, on Jan 1, 2019, Belgium will take its seat in the UN Security Council. Of course, this little known fact probably has nothing to do with Charles Michel's ardent desire to get Belgium to ratify the UN's 'Global Compact for safe, orderly and regulated Migration!

Now, how about this?

Another very vocal pro-migration Gutmensch is Hilde Vautmans, European MP for Open VLD, the Flemish Liberals. On the 1st of November, she wrote an opinion piece for the weekly Knack:

I will spare you Vautmans' nonsence, let's cut the crap and stick to her main point:


Needless to say Madam Vautmans, like most Euro MP's the recipient of obscenely high wages for the arduous job of rubberstamping the decrees of the European Commission - we will for the moment refrain from elaborating on the MEP extras - is an ardent supporter of allowing the Third World to swamp the West.

Well, yesterday Vautmans got her own peculiar dose of reality. As our hardworking MEP was explaining the workings of the EP to a group of some forty visitors from her native Sint-Truiden (St Trond), whooooops enjoying a lavish meal with her guests in classy restaurant Caveau Gurtlerhoft on the gullible euro taxpayer's dime...

.... a jihadi by the name of Cherif Chekatt chose that exact moment to go All Ahu Akbar, killing and wounding a number of innocent hoi polloi.

Our brave MEP Vautmans directly engaged the killer and neutralized him, thereby preventing further bloodshed.

Erm, sorry, I made that one up. The fearless Vautmans - the red-X'ed lady on the photo below - locked herself up in the cellar of the restaurant:

On her Fakebook page, Madam Vautmans offered her opinion:

"After the attacks in Brussels in 2016, yesterday was hell again to live thru such an attack from nearby. Innocent people were brutally killed, victims fight for their lives. My thoughts are with them and their loved ones. I support our French friends who, again, were suffering badly. A big Thank You to the security services and the military for their action, for them too it was a hellish night. I hope they capture the perpetrator soon. Know that we keep focussing on the fight against terror. Our security is sacred!"

Read that. Read that again. And let that sink in. Dunno how it is with you, but for me the mental image Vautmans FB post conjures up is this one:

"Innocent people were brutally killed..." No shit sherlock.

"Know that we keep focussing on the fight against terror!" Which is why she wants to import hundreds of millions of undocumented welfare seekers.

"Our security is sacred!" For crying out loud!

Yes, I know that the perp was born and raised in Strasbourg. But his parents were migrants, worse, muslim migrants. Obviously something's going dead wrong with integrating wifebeaters and clitoridectomists, but don't worry, any time now the EP will draft a Plan costing a mere 15 billion EUR to tackle this thorny issue once and for all. Euro politicians are so good at plans, you wouldn't believe it!

Mark Steyn put it succinctly in today's Steynonline post:

Yesterday, the usual "known wolf" - that's to say, known to the highest levels of the French security apparatus - killed three and wounded a dozen more in this year's first attack on a Christmas market - in Strasbourg. The jihadist yelled ...oh, go on, take a wild guess: Joyeux Noël? Bonnes Fêtes? No, he stuck to the traditional greeting.

Just over two years ago, in the summer of 2016, I met a delightful German lady who lives just across the border from Strasbourg and whose husband, in fact, was born and raised there. Along with her child, my friend, as I put it, "had found herself on the receiving end of some vibrant multicultural outreach from one of Mutti Merkel's boy charmers":

~ As a result, she no longer goes out after dark. She had also decided - with reluctance, because she enjoyed it - to cancel her participation in a local Christmas market, where she'd sung carols every year - in broad daylight.

'Why would you do that?' I asked.

'Because it's Christmas,' she said, 'and I'm worried Christmas will be a target.'

I have never forgotten those words - because they were at once both absurd and chilling. But four months later "a German citizen" attempted to blow up the Christmas market at Ludwigshafen, and a mere two years on it is now taken for granted that Christmas markets across Europe have to be held behind the ugly throttling barriers of "security" - which as we saw yesterday are, ultimately, never secure.

Because we won't put up security barriers where they count - at the nation's border - we have to have ever more intrusive and constricting security on everything within the border. I have written about it innumerable times; I even wrote a short story about it. But the men and women who govern us refuse to change the policies that enable Yuletide slaughter, and their citizens continue to vote for them. And so Strasbourg's mayor Roland Ries says that "life must go on" - which fatuous bromide ensures that the killing of his citizens will go on. Because he and the rest of a depraved political class lack the will to do anything about it.

Madam Vautmans, that "depraved political class"...

... Steyn is talking about YOU.


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