Friday, December 14, 2018


An ad hoc group composed of Flemish nationalist youth organizations, namely Vlaams Belang Jongeren, Schild en Vrienden, Voorpost, NSV and KVHV want to organize a march against the UN Migration Pact aka 'Marrakesh' this Sunday, DEC 16, 2018.

Not surprisingly, Brussels Mayor Philippe Close (PS) and Minister President Rudi Vervoort (PS) vetoed the demo.

Their argument? "It is out of the question that we allow a brown march to take place in Brussels". Implying, of course, that said organizations are neonazis.

In other words, freedom of speech for me but not for thee. Close and Vervoort have no problem whatsoever with there being perhaps two hundred thousand of illegals strolling around in Belgium, a sizeable part of that in Brussels, but Flemish citizens wanting to freely express their opinion? NO WAY. Oh, our moral betters the socialists! To top things off, from the francophone branch, the PS, the "Party of 1,000,000 scandals" (scroll down to the part featuring mssr. Claes, Coeme, Spitaels, Cools etc). And they are telling US we are NAZIS? Really??? How about this?

The organizations planning the demo have already announced they will disobey the order. Bus transport has been scheduled. One organizer is talking 50,000 people (which, I fear, is a tad too optimistic, but whatever). Either way, we are looking forward to an interesting Sunday:

While I'm at it, it seems like the main force behind the march is Schild en Vrienden, led by the charismatic Dries Van Langenhoven. I've checked this fella out and have come to the conclusion that the allegations levelled against him and his organization are baseless. He's got my full support. They are this kind of guys (movie of an action earlier this year against Open Borders advocates):

If you can, be there next Sunday!


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