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Mr Michel goes to Marrakech...

... with a clear mandate from the Belgian population:

NOT. The above is a screenshot from daily Het Laatste Nieuws Online, last Sunday. HLN asks its readers: "Should the government ratify the UN Migration Pact?" I myself emphatically answered "NO" and after my vote was cast I got the results thus far: a staggering 73 per cent AGAINST the government signing the UN Migration Pact in a sample of 30,800. Statistically, that's quite relevant.

Belgian PM Charles Michel [MR, for Mouvement Réformateur, the francophone Liberals, over here in Belgium soi-disant center right but eminently comparable with US Democrats; MFBB] flew to Marrakech, Morocco over the weekend as Prime Minister of a minority government since on Saturday the N-VA [Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliante, profiling itself as Vlaams Belang Lite; MFBB] withdrew its ministers. The so-called 'Swedish coalition' with as main components the Walloon and Flemish Liberals ("blue") and the salonfaehige Flemish nationalists from N-VA ('yellow') is no more.

As of this moment the dust of the political turmoil hasn't settled yet. The factors at play and the nuances of this or that stance are many and presumably unclear or confusing for the population, let alone non-Belgians.

A few key points:

a.) Charles Michel, as PM of a new minority government, signed in Marrakech a document that in effect betrays his own population, by handing the reins of any Belgian immigration policy to a supranational organization - the UN - of which the raison d'être becomes increasingly dubious. All the bruhaha about the non-binding character of the UN Compact for 'safe, orderly and (above all) regulated' migraton is just a smokescreen/stepping stone towards further finetuning of member states' policies to full legally binding implementation. Also, the nuances of whether or not the Pact's articles are binding will be lost on Mohammed, his 4 wives, and his 17 children, currently packing their coffers in Nouakchott.

b.) N-VA made a bold stance which almost led to the fall tout court of the government, which would have been far better than wat played out now. It should however be remembered that the ONLY reason N-VA profiled itself so anti-UN Migration Pact is because Vlaams Belang threw the issue on the table in Parliament and the many disadvantages to the ordinary Belgian citizen (and the non-existence of any advantage whatsoever) became suddenly clear.... again, check out the poll above). In the same breath, the Vlaams Belang exposed the hypocrisy of N-VA since their Immigration Minister, Theo Francken, a man notorious for tough tweets and soft nonactions, had earlier this year been to Morocco for the pact's draft and was in complete agreement with the text. As mentioned before, the stellar performance of the Vlaams Belang in the recent municipal elections has obviously frightened N-VA (especially with the federal elections in May at the horizon), which for its mere relevance relies on the votes it siphoned off the typical VB electorate.

c.) By not objecting to the draft of the UN Global Compact from the get-go - au contraire, contributing to it during the 'Rabat Process' - the N-VA got us in this mess in the first place, and as such it now has a moral obligation to put all its weight, together with Vlaams Belang, into an investigation by Belgium's highest court into the legitimacy of Michel's 'government' signing a document which will spell doom for the country while not even representing a third of the population.

Unfortunately, I have no time to elaborate, I will try to flesh it out, but here is the scoundrel who just signed Belgium's suicide pact - with a smile. Via HLN:


No, it won't, she-man ARSEHOLE. Far from it. In 2015 that horrible excuse for a Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel publicly broadcast to the world that the Syrian refugees were 'willkommen', even though right next door super-rich oil states sat on their asses, constructing tent cities with airco for MILLIONS for the yearly pilgrimage to Mecca. For at least 1.5 million Mohammeds, Ahmeds and Alis from Niger to the Hindu Kush this invitation did not fall on deaf ears and the result was a migration wave of Biblical proportions of wifebeaters, clitoridectomists, potential and real terrorists, and unemployable illiterates Richtung Heimat and, by extension, the whole of Europe. The continent is still reeling from it and will be for quite some time, I fear.

Frau Merkel obviously decided that you can just as well snuff out a forest fire with gasoline as long as the volume you drop on it resembles the Bodensee, and like a Jamie Gorelick on steroids immediately proceeded to go global with the Merkel approach, drafting, together with that other walking disaster Louise Arbour, a plan whereby the flotsam of the Third World gets a green pass for Western pastures. The US dodged that bullet - that anti-tank round, actually - because it has a President and an administration which put Americans first.

Not so Europe, where the globalist 'elites' were apparently unable to discern that the firewomen were, in fact, the arsonists themselves. Absent the sane heads in Eastern Europe, Austria and Italy, our traitors jetted off to a muslim country, no less, to officially erase our borders. CONGRATS bastards! Granted, you'll be on some side of history, but the right one it ain't!

As for Belgium, we on the right must now double our efforts to win big, and I mean BIG, in the May federal elections. Here's hoping that the VB will achieve a monster score. For those waking up among the socialist, liberal and 'Christian' 'Democrat' electorate, but still so deluded that VB remains a no-no, they can vote N-VA. With regards to the latter party however, it is clear that De Wever and Francken should be ousted, because:

a.) Even before Marrakech, Francken had, as Immigration Minister, proven himself to be a complete and utter failure.

b.) They have exposed themselves to be hypocrites of the first order since they were fully prepared and eager to sign the UN monstrosity and only refrained from doing so because they were called out by Vlaams Belang.

c.) they are adamantly against lifting the undemocratic 'cordon sanitaire' around VB, thereby, although pretending to want to solve the Belgian conundrums, in effect pursuing a policy that perpetuates them. If N-VA and VB would go together, THAT would signify political leverage unseen in the Belgian arena. By contrast, for six years N-VA hasn't stopped from spitting in the VB's faces, while it's crystal clear they should be on the same side of the fence. Because Vlaams Belang has offered time and again to cooperate, only to be ungraciously snubbed by in particular Bart De Wever, N-VA and N-VA alone is wholly responsible for the fractured state of the Belgian political right. And thus for the fact that no effective rightwing, and thus sane, policy is possible on a variety of issues.


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