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As I have mentioned a couple of times, in October municipal elections took place.

In many towns and cities coalition talks for the new town and citu councils are still going on.

One such a place is Antwerp, where the incumbent mayor Bart De Wever (N-VA, simultaneously N-VA National Chairman) is trying to cobble together a city council on one and only one condition, namely that Vlaams Belang is excluded. The man has tried everything, from handicapped lesbian midgets and octogenarian Inuit librarians, over Moldovian philatelists and transgender Dogon chessplayers to Italian mechanics and a retired carnival troupe from Barbados, alas, nothing works. One possible partner which Mr De Wever considers are the Antwerp socialists. A representative sample is shown here in this still from an SP.a promo film:

The guy up front is Hicham el Mzairh. So what if he's Middle Eastern of from the Maghreb, I have no problem with Miss Belgium 2018 being of Filipino stock.

But on closer inspection, the photo reveals more.

I count only three BioBelgians, i.e. people from my haplogroup. The others, well, see for yourself. Where and when have Biobelgians forgotten to procreate?

It is worth to recap something I wrote 12 years ago, at the occasion of the 2006 municipal elections (every six years in this country):

"The map shows the nine electoral districts of Antwerp, which by and large are determined by the center and the suburbs. In case you wonder, yes, "7" is the place the Hoboken in Hudson County, New Jersey, is named after. Since in Antwerp the election was basically a megacontest between the VB and the socialists of the SP.a, the map shows which one is the biggest in each of the nine districts, whereby grey has been chosen for socialists and black for the VB (not a coincidence imho). In Antwerp City, "1", the center, the SP.a is biggest. Good. Now look at the periphery: with the exception of "2" and "4" it's all black. So, socialist are biggest in the center, VB is biggest in the suburbs. How to explain this?

1° Well, firstly, as you may or may not know, in 2004 the Belgian State, in one of its many instances of criminal insanity, granted voting rights in municipal elections to immigrants who do not even have the Belgian nationality on the condition that they know what Smurfs are, can tell Belgian fries from French ones and say "merci" upon receiving their monthly 1,000 EUR stipend from Social Security. Since it is a well-known fact that the socialists were the driving force behind these voting rights, it can be safely assumed that those who use these rights voted SP.a.

2° Secondly, there is the impact of the so-called Snel-Belg Wet (Quick Citizenship Bill), rushed through Parliament in 2000 after the previous municipal elections in which the VB, then still Vlaams Blok, also gained considerably. The "Snel-Belg Wet" (literally "Fast-Belgian Law") gives one Belgian nationality on very easy terms, namely:

* remain in Belgium for some time (some = three years, sometimes as less as two years)
* work in Belgium
* be married to a Belgian

Since North African youths who already possess Belgian nationality almost invariably prefer imported, unspoiled (and unassimilated) girls from Morocco, Algeria et al for brides, the Quick Citizenship Bill granted every newlywed young woman from these countries automatically Belgian nationality, and thus the right to vote. No one argued more in favor of this bill than the socialists, who correctly reckoned that the newcomers would in all likelihood vote for them.

3° Thirdly, there's the fact that those Belgians of North African origin who have been here since decades and whose numbers are quickly rising thanks to a much higher feritlity rate, vote overwhelmingly for the left.

4° Fourthly, not only is the fertility rate of the "old" Belgians much lower, since a couple of years they are moving out of the center in droves. Currently, Antwerp Central has a population of 460,000, of which around 120,000 are immigrants, or one quarter, most of them Moroccans. Of the remaining 3/4 of indigenous Belgians, around 4,000 leave each year and their place is being taken by about 5,000 newcomers of foreign origin, mostly from muslim countries (although recently there's been an influx too of East-Europeans). Almost as a rule, the newcomers vote for socialists.

And these dynamics yield the picture above. The "old" Belgians leave Antwerp Central for the (residential) suburbs and bring their political preferences with them, which explains the very high Vlaams Belang scores in places such as Deurne (nr. 5) where the party received a staggering 43.46% of the vote. Or like in Hoboken (nr. 7) where VB also got more than 40% of the electorate behind it. The very good VB results extend even beyond the nine districts. Not visible on the map, but lying immediately alongside the nine core districts, are such
towns like Schoten, Boom, Niel, Borsbeek, Willebroek and Stabroek, and here also VB becomes the biggest party."

It is one thing if Stijn and Nele and Koenraad and Veerle and Alain and Véronique have forgotten that their sexual equipment can also be used to make kiddos.

It is quite another if the newcomers don't subscribe to the traditional mores that were once essential in pushing our country upwards to the status of one of the wealthiest and safest in the world: labor ethic, a desire for neatness, respect for hierarchy, spirit for innovation, traditional family values, the will and pride to deliver a good job etc.

We see far too few of that with the newcomers, I'm sorry to say. From their ranks, not enough skilled technicians/engineers/doctors/scientists are coming forward.

And what is crystal clear, the grand majority of them flock invariably to parties that promote a strong omnipresent state, dependence on that state, vigorous control over all aspects of life. Which is perhaps not surprisingly, because the typical chap hailing from Tunisia or Morocco is used to a police state. Far too many of these are also muslims, so we get the worst of both worlds: acolytes of islam and socialism.

It's not going to be nice.

And of course, our self-hating socialists and greens are more than pleased to again being able to swim in a reservoir of eager voters. Look at that photo above, the white guy to the left of el Mzairh. That's Tom Meeuws. In a previous life, only a couple of months ago, he was Director of public transportation company De Lijn in Antwerp; but earlier this year he had to resign in a smelly affair of false invoices. Nothing new under the sun of course. These days Mr Meeuws is profiling himself again as a socialist bigshot vying for a nice place as an Antwerp public official.

In a few years, my country will be unrecognizable.

It's weird, to see it change before your very eyes.

Weird and sad.


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