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Courtesy Gates of Vienna, a video that explains why Europe's Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel - unlike the former, actually in power alas, pushed and pushes so hard for the UN Migration Pact:

Originally posted in German on the YouTube-channel Ebola/Virale Luegen, but provided to GoV with translation and subtitles by Oz-Rita. The commentator's analysis is that Merkel was such a strong advocate to give herself, retroactively, legal backup for throwing the German borders wide open in 2015, which, according to then EU laws, was an illegal thing to do.

Video transcript:

00:00 More than 80 times in the Global Pact on Migration
00:04 the phrase: “…we commit ourselves…” appears.
00:08 On average three times on each individual page of
00:12 the treaty. It takes a great deal of
00:16 audacity and chutzpa to call this treaty
00:20 “non-binding”. But it is precisely these two
00:24 Qualities that Angela Merkel possesses to excess.
00:28 In her speech today in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh, she repeated
00:32 the obvious lie about the treaty which allegedly
00:36 only contains “declarations of intent” and no legal
00:40 obligations for the signatory countries.
00:44 And, of course, a small side blow to the Right
00:48 could not be left out, who had “spread lies” about it in the run-up to the signing
00:52 of the treaty.
00:56 Now we all know that illegal migration, because of different
01:00 development opportunities in the world, is causing some very
01:04 great fears in our countries. And these fears are now being used
01:08 by the opponents of this pact to circulate false reports,
01:12 but the core of the dispute
01:16 about this pact, and its importance is the
01:20 principle of multilateral cooperation. Yet it is not the
01:24 oh-so-evil Right that spread lies about the Migration and
01:28 Refugee Pact, it was Angela Merkel and her
01:32 intolerable Grand Coalition that did so.
01:36 If everything had gone according to the desires of Merkel and her coalition partner,
01:40 the consumptive SPD [Socialists], as well as the mass media,
01:44 a public discussion about the two treaties
01:48 would never have taken place. Today Merkel
01:52 signed the fatal migration pact for Germany.
01:56 She also did so in the name of the many citizens who
02:00 see the sad reality on Germany’s streets and
02:04 who did not want these treaties.
02:08 No-one has any intention of building a wall. We can do it, We can do it,
02:12 and where something stands in our way, it must be overcome.
02:16 Because we also need people here who
02:20 feel at home in our welfare systems. I give you my
02:24 word of honour that the allegations made against me
02:28 are unfounded…
02:36 Pensions are secure.
02:44 One can spend a lot of time looking for one outstanding
02:48 talent on the part of Angela Merkel, but one won’t find it,
02:52 because there is nothing that this woman can do particularly well,
02:56 except perhaps to sit out in silence decisions
03:00 that are desperately needed. But is that a talent?
03:04 Merkel doe not even speak the German
03:08 language accident-free; she showed this in her speech in
03:12 Marrakesh. She cannot even lie well and
03:16 credibly: Merkel is a talent-free zone.
03:20 But she obviously does not give a crap about
03:24 the fact that in Morocco she once again served the world and the German
03:28 sheeple a big batch of completely transparent lies.
03:32 With the signing of both treaties,
03:36 Merkel has impressively demonstrated that the will of a
03:40 considerable part of the German population
03:44 literally slips by her fat agitprop a**.
03:48 Yet, the German people, no matter which
03:52 political orientation they belong to, are Angela Merkel’s
03:56 employer. But that does not count with Merkel. With her contempt
04:00 for her own people she stands firmly
04:04 in the tradition of so many other politicians who are completely detached
04:08 from the people.
04:12 With her signature, Merkel expressly showed that
04:16 she had thrown all warnings and legitimate concerns regarding the
04:20 mass migration pact to the wind.
04:24 She does not care that a number of important countries, including our
04:28 neighbour Austria, did not sign the pact.
04:32 She is just as indifferent to the warning
04:36 from the US President, Donald Trump, who last
04:40 weekend once again spoke of the dangers of the two
04:44 treaties. But who is Donald Trump anyway!
04:48 Only a bizarre, fascistoid oddball
04:52 in the chair of the US President. Angela Merkel
04:56 the Chancellor with the pre-programmed use-by date had,
05:00 in my opinion, only one thing in mind: she wanted
05:04 to legalise her migrations policy of open borders retroactively,
05:08 and thus exclude the possibility
05:12 that after leaving the Chancellor’s Office she could be held
05:16 liable for her illegal opening of borders.
05:20 The former constitutional judges Di Fabio and Papi
05:24 established back in 2016 that Merkel’s
05:28 policy of open borders was illegitimate.
05:32 With the signing of the migration and refugee pact,
05:36 the probability that Merkel will ever be brought
05:40 before a court because of her opening of the borders has decreased considerably.
05:44 Much like Helmut Kohl, [her predecessor], she
05:48 will simply sit out her offences after her removal
05:52 until her death. But what will happen to Germany?
05:56 I think it is unlikely that we
06:00 will see a very rapid effect of the migration pact within
06:04 a few days or weeks. At the beginning
06:08 it will probably be a creeping process, but it will certainly
06:12 increase and expand. The migration pact
06:16 has been signed, despite all warnings,
06:20 despite all protests, despite the petition. The only
06:24 possibility left to us is to ensure that
06:28 at the next elections, whether in three years or
06:32 sooner, the AfD will come to power. They
06:36 could then withdraw from the pact. But it will not
06:40 be easy. Maaßen’s successor at the top of the
06:44 Federal Intelligence Service has announced that he will have the AfD
06:48 monitored. That was the real reason for
06:52 Maaßen’s dismissal. Large parts of the migration pact
06:56 have already been de facto implemented in Germany since 2015.
07:00 One section whose implementation
07:04 we will see soon is the following:
07:08 “Eliminate all forms of discrimination and promote
07:12 a fact-oriented public discourse
07:16 to shape the perception of migration.”
07:20 This means nothing less than that the protest
07:24 against mass migration will soon become a criminal offence,
07:28 and that the Germans will in future be submerged in much more
07:32 propaganda than they are even now.
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The thing that surprises me most in all this is the meek attitude of the Germans. More than any other European people, they were negatively affected by all the mayhem and trouble that came with importing at least 1.5 million welfare seeking Third Worlders, the grand majority of them muslims no less. As for the human cost too, Germany coughed up most: scores of BioGermans would still be alive or unharmed today had not the Merkel Gespenst allowed Middle Eastern killers and rapists in.

One always hears about the progress the AfD has made, but is it really so impressive? Nationwide and in most Laender, they capture perhaps 10 to 14 per cent of the vote, and Merkel's position rests relatively secure. Even her latest 'departure' as Chairman of the incongruously named 'Christendemokratische Union" is not the devastating humiliation she so rightly deserves.

And now that it is becoming increasingly clear that not only did she feverishly welcome wifebeaters in from Dakar to Dacca, but also drafted at least part of an international pact that will make the 2015 invasion look benign by comparison, the lukewarm reaction of Germans is rather astounding.

In my own country, Belgium, the turmoil was sufficient to torpedo the government - even though it took the Vlaams Belang to light the powderkeg's fuse and even though a rump 'government', Michel II, defied the population in going to Marrakesh anyway. But at least a sizeable part of Belgians showed a spine, hopefully even more so tomorrow, when the demo against the UN Pact will take place as promised. Indeed, the Council of State declared the decision of two Brussels corruptocrats, Close and Vervoort, who vetoed the demo, null and void.

But again...

... where is the German spine?

Make no mistake, I don't mean Wehrmacht and Waffen SS spine, God forbid. But the spine of a people that has given the world so e-nor-mous-ly much in terms of science, art, technology and literature... the spine of a 'Volk' - a People of thinkers and poets - that has every right to be Stolz - proud - of what it stood for, even long before the despicable nazi clique came to power.

The only explanation I can come up with is that the Germans have been clubbed into a moral numbness by seven decades of incessant leftist propaganda, convincing them that they should HATE themselves. How ironic is it that the forces who managed to do this are ideologically in the same league as the perpetrators of the Holocaust. And the ultimate kingpin - or should we say Queenpin - in this massive propaganda operation is this immoral Whore:

It's up to the Germans to free themselves of this Monster, Europe's very own Felonia Von Pantsuit. We can't do it for them.


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