Friday, June 03, 2016


Via Pamela Geller, bad news about Christianity's oldest church, the Church of Saint Mary, situated in Hah, in Turkey's southeast. I suffered serious damage when a muslim terrorist blew himself up near it:

"Erdogan’s Turkey. A homicide bomber killed five and caused extensive damage to the world’s oldest church. Islamic supremacists are happy to die to eliminate any other religious history. Just this week I reported that Muslims in Turkey were demanding to pray in one of the most iconic, historic churches in Turkey, the Hagia Sophia. It’s all about erasing what’s not Islamic.

The whole of the Muslim world stands against Israel — for being Jewish. It’s that simple. Islam cannot and will not tolerate any other faith."

Then there is some background to the story via The Express:

 photo worlds_oldest_church_attacked2016_zps5ppj8oem.jpg

“World’s oldest church where three wise men roamed WRECKED by suicide bomber,” By Katie Mansfield, The Express, Jun 3, 2016:
THE most ancient church in the world, which hosted the three wise men after the birth of Jesus, has been savaged by a suicide bomb.

Five people were killed when a suicide bomber struck at a checkpoint next to St Mary Church in Hah, Tur Abdin, in south east Turkey.

The church, also known as Idto d’Yoldath-Aloho, in the mountainous Tur Abdin region near the Syrian border, is considered the heartland of Syrian Orthodox Christianity.

The ferocity of the blast smashed all the church’s windows, and with the church lying between two Christian villages there are fears of more atrocities from jihadi forces.

Speaking the day after the attack, which happened on Wednesday May 25, Nuri Kino, the founder of advocacy group A Demand For Action, said: “Hah is my heart and soul… it is one of the most important places for our people in the world.

“Yuldath Aloho has faced many wars and genocides and never been destroyed.

“Yesterday all the windows were crashed. We feel with all those that were killed, no human blood, no matter if they are Turks, Kurds or Assyrian/Syrians should be shared.

“The inhabitants in our villages are vulnerable and we are pleading to the world to stop them from being hurt. Yesterday was a day of total shock for us, we are losing our people in Iraq and Syria and now this in Turkey.

“We are tired of tears, tired of being hurt in country after country. The people of Tur Abdin stand not alone.”

It is believed the three wise men visited the site after they had given their presents of gold, frankincense and myrrh to Jesus in Bethlehem.

The temple was later built in the name of Jesus’ mother....

Pope Francis could not be reached for comment. He's too busy telling us that we should celebrate mass muslim migration to Europe.


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