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By now, the identity of the kamikaze jihadists wreaking havoc on Zaventem International Airport and in the Brussels underground is known. Interesting to note is that, like in Paris, there were two brothers among them: Ibrahim and Khalid El Bakraoui.

On the photo below, Ibrahim is the one in the middle. His brother Khalid blew himself up in the Maalbeek metro station.

 photo faitdivers_zpscmroi3ct.jpg

But now for some interesting background, and I'm just quoting Dutch daily De Volkskrant, because in only two paragraphs it contains some key info AND at the same time posits an interesting question:

"In January 2010 Ibrahim was involved in a robbery of an exchange office in Brussels. When chased by police he opened fire on them with a Kalashnikov [one officer got shot in the leg - MFBB]. The affair got a lot of coverage in the Belgian press because then mayor of Brussels Freddy Thielemans called the shooting a 'fait divers', for which he was criticized roundly.

The oldest of the El Bakraoui brothers was sentenced to 9 years prison for the robbery. His brother Khalid got five years in 2011 for a series of carjackings. Why the brothers were set free despite their long-term (sic) convictions is not clear."

I will tell you why they were set free. They were released from jail on the basis of the notorious Lejeune Law, which stipulates that "if a convict shows exemplary behaviour in jail, he may be released after one third of the original sentence."

Which is exactly what happened. Of Khalid's date of release I know nothing, but Ibrahim, apparently having behaved exemplary, left jail in 2014. With deadly results.

But let us go back to Mayor Thielemans, of the Parti Socialiste, he who called Ibrahim El Bakraoui robbing an exchange office and wounding a police officer with an AK47 a 'fait divers'!

Among longtime readers, the name Freddy Thielemans may ring a bell. He was a former Mayor of Brussels and prominent member of the PS, "the party of 1,000,000 scandals".

Like all socialists, Mr Thielemans is deeply in love with the followers of the Religion of Peace aka "islam", but not so much with people somewhat to the right of Stalin, e.g. Vlaams Belang members. In 2007, smack in the middle of Thielemans' tenure as Mayor, the VB wanted to commemmorate 9/11 AND warn against the dangers of islamic terrorism in a demo in the center of Brussels.

Here are some exerpts from my 2007 blogpost on the event:

 photo thielemans_freddy_zpskjbeeqib.jpg

"... On September 11, 2007, the SIOE organization [Stop The Islamization of Europe - MFBB] intended to organize a demo in Brussels, in front of the European Parliament, to protest against what they call the "invasion of muslim customs". In particular, SIOE protests against the encroaching influence of islamic sharia law on relations within Europes muslim communities - and, by extension, to the relations of muslims with indigenous Europeans. Societal trends and separate cases give indeed ample reason for concern, and to name but a few we cite the results of a 2006 UK poll, which revealed that 40% of British muslims wanted sharia law to be introduced in parts of the country; the purposeful "soft" expulsion and discreet intimidation of indigenous shop owners by their moroccan counterparts in Borgerhout, Antwerp; the steeply rising number of honor revenge cases, e.g. in Rotterdam; the molestation of gays and muslim apostates in Amsterdam, the continentwide building of highly visible mosques, funded with money from the Gulf region and under the auspices of Milli Gorus, the Muslim Brotherhood etc etc etc...


And so it was that three apolitical European organizations, concerned about the growing influence of Islam, decided to bundle their forces and hold a peaceful demonstration against the Islamization of Europe in Brussels. The event was scheduled for the 11th of September, the West's most symbolic date in its conflict with political islam, and indeed SIOE planned to hold a 1-minute silence to commemmorate the victims of 9/11. SIOE groups the UK's No Sharia Here, led by Stephen Gash, the Danish SIAD (Stop Islamiseringen af Danmark) from Anders Gravers, and last but not least the German Pax Europa, under the chairmanship of Dr. Udo Ulfkotte.


Well then, as late as Tuesday 7 August, SIOE's Ulfkotte and co-organizers had a meeting with some fifteen Brussels police officials and according to Ulfkotte "there were no problems whatsoever". Two days later, on 9 August, the demonstration had been forbidden by Brussels' Mayor, Freddy Thielemans. According to press reports, he did so after conferring with police and "other services", and he "feared that there would be incidents between demonstrators and immigrants who live in the neighborhood." His spokesman Nicolas Dassonville added:

"The danger for public order is too great. There is an important immigrant community nearby which might react. Moreover, the organization uses islamophobic language."

As if to provoke, Thielemans and Dassonville hastened to declare that every year, they receive between five and six hundred requests for demonstrations, and that over the past five years they only forbade five or six. So there you have it. An apolitical organization asks for permission to stage a demonstration to highlight a very obvious and worrisome development, and is denied the right to protest. By contrast, last year muslim organizations staged a demonstration in Brussels against the headscarf ban, WITHOUT EVEN HAVING ASKED PERMISSION, and... were given a free hand. The news of Thielemans' capitulation to islamic radicals, since that is what it is, caused quite some uproar in the Belgium. In response to this, Thielemans declared "that it was not so much violence from islamic immigrants he feared, but rather from rightwing extremists"."

Here's a video of the events on 9/11 2007:

And here are some notorious stills from what was basically a shameful episode for, and a stain on, the Brussels PD. Actually, not only the Brussels Police Department however, because, just to make sure he would get the upper hand against those "rightwing extremists", Freddy Thielemans had also enlisted the services of the Liège PD, Liège being some 100 kilometers to the east of Brussels. If you'd ask yourselves how that's possible, it may help to know that Liège is a veritable Parti Socialiste bulwark, surpassed possibly only by Charleroi, the "Chicago on the Sambre":

 photo dewinter_schumansquare2_zpsz6nsv2pe.jpg

Filip Dewinter, thrown to the ground for commemmorating 9/11 without a permit from His Socialist Majesty F. Thielemans...

 photo dewinterschumansquare_1_2007_zpshfj1rzbd.jpg

Thielemans' buddies among the muslim populace, who protested against the headscarf ban somewhat earlier, and who had no permit either, were by contrast handled with kid gloves and could hold their demo...

 photo frank_van_hecke_zps847njort.jpg

Frank Van Hecke, the then Chairman of Vlaams Belang, getting the same treatment...


On Tuesday morning, March 22, 2016, the ghastly consequences of that insane worldview were plain to see for everyone.

 photo zaventem_damage_zpsvxo7kk44.jpg

 photo maalbeek_zps6mqulcmh.jpg

One among many is a three year old kid, right now fighting for his life. Courtesy Thielemans, Moureaux and Company.

Of the 32 dead, only four have been identified - you don't want to know how their bodies have been mauled.


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