Friday, September 17, 2010


Ramadan scenes from Moscow.



Check out these videos:

More here.

If there is anyone who still thinks that in-your-face prayer sit-ins like these ones, the ones in France, in Milan, or in NYC of all places, are just a koinsidens, I have a bridge across the Dniepr to sell you. Islam is going right now through some major transformation, but a renaissance it ain't. It's more like a schoolyard bully waking up from dozing at his desk in the back of class and deciding to wreak havoc during playtime. Indeed, all across the planet muslims are behaving more assertively at the expense of their surrounding population, be it Jews in Malmo, Christians in the Philippines, or Moscow commuters finding their way to office blocked by hordes of paedophile worshippers.

Assertivity can be understood, if not condoned, when the mechanism behind it grants it a certain raison d'etre. Germany woke up in the late nineteenth century/early twentieth century to claim its place at a European table long dominated by France and England, because it had something to show for being braggard: its own Industrielle Revolution, Krupp steel, talented chemists, amazing engines developed by messrs Benz and Diesel.

Islam has no such thing, yet it too claims a place at the global table, what do I say, at the head of the global table. Islam is like Mike Tyson storming in at a congress of astrophysicists and demanding he be given his rightful place. As the most recent UN Arab Development Report shows, the quintessential muslim nations keep lagging behind in just about everything except the production of oil and terrorists, and even those not spending their black gold revenues on madrassas on the other side of the planet have to rely on western and Asian engineers, architects and builders to construct their desert phantasmagorias. As for non-arab muslim nations, when was the last time you bought a car made in Pakistan? Any Nobel Prize winner in sight to succeed Ahmed Zewail?

In short, muslims have NOTHING to justify their increasing presence on our TV screens. I don't want them. You shouldn't want them. Every goddam fucking day there's a steady drip drip drip, although I suspect it's already become a torrent, of news stories about the horrible treatment of non-muslims in archetypical muslim nations. If they want to show us that's where they intend to take us, by taking ungranted possession of Madison Square Garden or the Place de la Concorde, it's time we wake up and tell them that they too can get their own private Srebrenica if they just keep pestering us for too long.


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