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I realize I'm a bit late with the news, but the demo a delegation of Vlaams Belang and Cities Against Islamization intended to hold in front of the US Embassy on September 11, to commemorate the 9/11 victims, protest against the Ground Zero mosque, and warn against Europes ongoing islamization, was forbidden at the last moment by the Brussels mayor, Freddy Thielemans.

Filip Dewinter, the VB's most recognizable face although he is "only" its fraction leader in the Flemish Parliament, then staged a short, "illegal" demo in front of the VB offices in central Brussels on the Madouplein/Square Madou:

On DowneastBlog, we have already shed some light on the sad personage of Freddy Thielemans, a disgusting Parti Socialiste pork barrel spender and archetypical dhimmi.

It was this scumbag who in 2007 forbade the VB to stage a 9/11 commemmoration (while a few days earlier allowing a muslim demo which had not even been officially requested), and who orchestrated the violent arrest of several VB MP's who were not even demonstrating, but talking to reporters. Most internet aficionados, at least the ones interested in politics, will remember a photo like this all too well:

Filip Dewinter on the Schumanplein 2007

In 2006, Thielemans also managed to appoint a muslim woman as acting mayor of Brussels for a couple of months. This woman was Faouzia Hariche, like Thielemans a heavyweight, be it not in the literal sense like Fat Freddy, in the Brussels chapter of the Parti Socialiste (PS). When Thielemans, on account of health problems due to his lavish lifestyle, had to be hospitalized in December in 2006, he appointed Hariche in direct violation of the official procedure, which would have seen his first deputy as temporary mayor. As it was, the Brussels Parti Socialiste was all too eager to opt for Hariche, even though she was only the 7th in line. Her first act as Brussels mayor was to land her husband, Mohamed Laghmiche, in the well-paid director's seat of one of Brussels' numerous subsidy sponges, a "youth organization" of which, surprise surprise, she herself was the Chairwoman. But I digress.

The scandalous prohibition of what was never intended to be more than a peaceful demo and commemmoration, on very dubious grounds, is once again a stark reminder of what a Europe dominated by the Left and Islam will look like. At first glance, Brussels is a gleaming and prosperous metropolis - and to be sure, that impression would not exist if it weren't true to a large extent.

But already the rot has set in and is reaching a dangerous treshold. For the moment, Brussels is a city with a Janus Head. On the one hand it is the capital of the European Union and it boasts a plethora of international institutions, the headquarters of numerous corporations big and small, the second largest number in the world of accredited journalists and so on.

On the other hand, its population counts already 25% muslims, and that number will do nothing but rise in the future. With it, the levels of unemployment and criminality.

Itself thoroughly in the grip of socialist rule, Brussels is currently the hottest dossier in the Belgian governmental crisis, which revolves around the aspirations of most Flemings to have more say about their own money and safeguarding their cultural and territorial presence in and around Brussels, and the anachronistic desire of most Walloon parties to keep their lavish socialist system afloat and even enhance it (a key demand is even more "federal" money, read Flemish, for francophone-dominated Brussels).

What we are witnessing is that after hundred years of misbegotten socialist experiments in the economy, the Walloon negotiators, who are the socialists since they got a staggering 36% of the vote in this year's parliamentary elections, want... more of the same. And this after anno 2010 the 800 pound gorilla in the Room of Economic Understanding is the conclusion that socialism, redistribution, heavy taxes, and excessive government regulation simply DO-NOT-WORK. The historic body of evidence that socalism destroys a country's economy is now so overwhelming, from the USSR over Argentina, afrosocialism and Cuba to present-day predictables like Venezuela, Spain and the US, that it is simply and truly amazing, what do I say baffling, that hard earned lessons are forgotten the moment they are being taught.

But not only does the leftist/islamic alliance, so clear to see now, present a grave warning to Europes future with regards to economic matters.

On the political level too, the emergence of this incongruous axis will also introduce a sweeping change compared to the past. Europe, though envious of the US, mocking it simultaneously, and often offering a lukewarm response when asked for help from across the ocean, was and still is the US's "best friend". European leaders may harp about American jingoism, but have sent their armies to Afghanistan, even though often hamstrung by ridiculous caveats.

A future Europe, dominated by islamosocialism, will not even do that. As a fine study in microcosm of this inevitable reality, one of the other demands of the Socialistische Partij/Parti Socialiste in the current negociations to form a new Belgian government, was that Belgium withdraw its military as soon as possible from AF. Small wonder, when both parties have now reached a stage by which they cannot even exist in any meaningful way without the muslim vote.

I see hopeful signs across the Atlantic that America may not be ready yet to follow Europe's path. But if it manages to get past what I hope was but a short lived and foolish love affair with EUtopianism, it should prepare for the eventuality that in decades to come, it may find it is alone.


P.S.: apparently, in the current US Administration, there IS interest in the matter of Europes relation to its Atlantic neighbour a few decades hence. Although the current Administration being what it is, the interest described does not exactly offer a hopeful perspective.

Which is why US voters should kick the crooks out in November.

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