Saturday, September 18, 2010


The Shadows with the immortal Wonderful Land. This single is from 1962, can you believe it? Almost half a century old and still, well, wonderful.

I picked this youtube audio still 1° because sound quality is real good and 2° because of the sketch, which intrigued me. When I saw it I wanted to bet it was an artist's impression of a scene in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion, and 'lo and behold, that turned out to be true. The artist in question is Ted Nasmith, a Canadian and like me a Tolkien aficionade, although through his art he takes his fondness for that Englishman's masterpieces to an entirely higher level. The white city on that hill in the middle of the plain is Gondolin. The character looking out over it Tuor. I thank God on my bare knees for letting me discover Tolkien. A long time ago that was. Fall 1982. Started by devouring The Lord of The Rings. Discovered The Silmarillion, which actually treats Middle Earth history thousands of years placed back in time vis-à-vis LOTR, in the early spring of the following year.

The Offspring with Self esteem, a smash hit from the aptly named album Smash (1994).

Foo Fighters with the excellent single Everlong.

Must be one of the nuttiest videos ever.


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