Monday, January 21, 2019


For those paying attention, you will have heard about the acid attack by Turkish muslims on gay men emerging from a bar in Hackney, a borough in Central London. Ezra Levant will bring you up to speed:

"A gang of Turkish Muslim men went to the club in the wee hours of the morning, and as some gay men emerged, this gang jumped them, beat them, and then, when they were down, sprayed the gay men in the face and eyes with acid.

The news report after the trial by the local newspaper, after the convictions and sentencing, reveal that it was homophobic, but there was a lot of silence and denial..."

Indeed, silence and denial. To be sure, it's good that justice will be served. This is from the met Police's site:

"Detective Constable David Leitner, of the Central East Command Unit, led the investigation. He said: "Seven violent and dangerous men have been removed from London's streets today and will now spend a lengthy time locked up in prison.

"The level of violence used in this attack, coupled with the speed that this incident escalated, are truly shocking.

"A group of people who were enjoying themselves at the end of a night out were subjected to a sustained and relentless wave of violence including the use of a corrosive substance - because they acted as good Samaritans to help a male being subjected to a vicious assault.
"The original victim who was attacked by the group has never been traced but I hope he, and all those who were set upon by this violent group of individuals, will take some comfort from the fact that this group has been convicted."

At Wood Green Crown Court on 21 November 2018, three of the group were found guilty as follows:

Huseyin Onel was found guilty of eight counts of applying a corrosive fluid with intent and violent disorder.

Mehmet Tekagac was found guilty of applying a corrosive fluid with intent and robbery. He had earlier pleaded guilty to violent disorder.

Onur Ardic was found guilty of applying a corrosive substance with intent. He had earlier pleaded guilty to violent disorder.
The six other men earlier pleaded guilty at Wood Green Crown Court to violent disorder.

And yet, still, Detective Constable David Leitner can't bring himself to link this horrible crime to the one and obvious clue: ISLAM.

It's ISLAM that compels this scum:

... to viciously attack gay men, going so far as to risk blinding them - an absolute horror.

I don't go anywhere near a gay bar. I definitely never would want to enter one. But people should be free to enter and leave at will. Apparently, Onel and Co thought otherwise. May they rot in jail.

And then something else. I look at these faces, and I wonder....

.... what on Earth HAPPENED to the country I loved and cherished so much, and spent so many holidays in, alone or with my family? What happened to typical Britishness, to the Britain of stiff upper lips, of tea at four even when under fire, of Jaguar XK140s, Jaguar Mark II's and Jaguar E's... of atrocious meals, of automatic apologizing? Is that Britain still there?

I must confess something.

I have a sentimental streak. I'm not romantic - my wife can tell you all about that (yet, amazingly, she's managed to stay by my side for 20 years this year) - but I'm sentimentalistic. For one thing, I liked Pride and Prejudice (the movie). Don't tell anyone, or I will have to dispatch a hit squad.

So the weekend before the last one, when we were intent on watching the DVD Darkest Hour, there was before the main thing this trailer of the 2017 movie The Phantom Thread, with Daniel Day-Lewis, and I kinda fancied it. It's possible that the movie sucks. But at least the trailer sported...

.... Britishness. Look for yourself:

Britishness. I want it to stay. I DON't want it replaced by 7th century wipe-your-ass-with-your-left-hand Araby. The future must not belong to those who support the prophet of islam.


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