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On January 10, 2019, DowneastBlog bestowed the Twat of the Day Award on Anuna De Wever, the 17-year old schoolgirl from Antwerp who exhorted her Flemish peers to skip class for the climate:

"From now on Anuna (17) will skip class every Thursday for the climate: "What's a missed hour of mathematics, if you can also demonstrate for a better climate?"

And boy, did the message about skipping math class fall on deaf ears. Not. A couple of days later 4,000 youths skipped class to demonstrate in Brussels. For the climate. Again, via HLN:

"Eight days ago Anuna De Wever (17) and Kyra Gantois (19) decided to skip class every Thursday, to protest in Brussels and ask for attention for the climate. Yesterday was Day 1 of their action and - fasten your seat belts - a staggering 4,000 students demonstrated in Brussels. "I'm so fucking glad!"

You don't say. Indeed, what's a paltry 4,000 missed hours of mathematics? 8,000 by the week after? 16,000, 32,000, 640,000??? The Climate warming up is more important. Let Chinese and Indian schoolchildren study mathematics and let us demonstrate! Progress!!!"

If Anuna continues the way she does, I may have to give her a Twat of the Day Nobel Prize before Spring. Today, Thursday, no less than 35,000 boys and girls who would be far better off taking classes in calculus or statistics, decided to roam the streets of Brussels - conveniently hampering the local economy - to stave off the catastrophic warming up of the planet:

"Youths massively skipping class took to the streets in Brussel to demonstrate for the climate. Police estimates there were about 35,000 of them, almost three times as many as on the march last week."

In the north of the Baltic, there is a group of islands off the Finish coast, the Kvarken Archipelago. During the last Ice Age, as most of Scandinavia was covered under a mile-high ice layer, the weight forced the land underneath downwards with tremendous force. Around 13,000 years ago, this layer, which had taken around 100,000 years to form, melted away in a mere three thousand years. What we are seeing in Scandinavia - with the Kvarken Archipelago merely a very visible phenomenon - is that the land takes far more time to bounce back. Compare it to your fuel storage tank buried in your lawn. Throughout winter, you use it up pretty quickly and when empty, you rush to fill it. Were you to stop using it to warm your house - when you feel you have to save the planet, for instance - you'd better fill that now useless tank with sand, or else it will emerge in you lawn after a couple of years. It's called inertia. Same as what's happening in Scandinavia. Islands popping up - and which will continue to do so for an estimated 10,000 years - are a reminder of a once gargantuan ice pack defying description.

The question we have to ask ourselves, apart from what caused the last Ice Age in the first place (and the ones preceding it), is of course, WHAT EXACTLY caused this comparatively sudden deglaciation?

If you think it was because of the CO2 of the campfires of some 300,000 Cro Magnons, I have a slot in Ms. De Wever's next demo to sell you. And while we are at it, if at the same time you want to do something about world poverty, why, I can sell you two tickets for the price of one! Because Anuna has some ideas about that too. Via Knack:

"There's something fundamentally wrong with our monetary system. [...] The World Bank could help for countries doing an effort. It's only paper, they only have to print it."

Indeed. If memory serves, the technique did wonders in Germany in the twenties, Zimbabwe in the eighties and nineties, and most recently, in Venezuela. Small wonder that Ms De Wever is the left's newfound heroine, although to be sure, all the other 'traditional' parties are doing their best as suitors. Only Vlaams Belang refrains from doing so, but they are some sort of Cro Magnons anyway.

But I have to admit it, she and her peers scare me. SCARE me, SCARE me, SCARE me. You may ask, why? It's just a 17 year old schoolgirl, right?

Er, no. If for a moment we forget there is such a thing as gender - in other words if we assume there were no XXs or XYs in today's demo - then we could witness this Thursday, JAN 24, 2019, around 35,000 Anuna De Wevers in the streets of Brussels. Almost everyone of them is 17, 18 or 19 years old.

In Belgium, you are eligible to vote when you're 18.

On MAY 26, 2019, there will be national and European elections in Belgium.


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