Sunday, January 20, 2019


MSM and Fake News, we have come to the point that the notions can be substituted.

E-NOR-MOUS bruhaha in Europe's "elite" media, who all of a sudden have discovered that veterans are not baby killers. And so the apparent staring contest between a white student wearing a MAGA hat and a Native American vet was gefundenes Fressen for yet more anti-Trump tantrums, or should we simply say 'Tantrumps'. However, it's another story when you watch the relevant part of the video (go to the 1:07:30 mark):

Via Breitbart:

"One student wrote to a local news outlet begging it to tell the full story about what happened at the march:

I am a student at Covington Catholic and was present at the occurrence. Here is what truly happened …

In the midst of our cheers, we were approached by a group of adults led by Nathan Phillips, with Phillips beating his drum. They forced their way into the center of our group. We initially thought this was a cultural display since he was beating along to our cheers and so we clapped to the beat. … However, after multiple minutes of Mr. Phililps beating his drum directly in the face of my friend (mere centimeters from his nose), we became confused and started wondering what was happening. It was not until later that we discovered they would incriminate us as a publicity stunt. … To reiterate, we did not partake in any physical or verbal abuse … After that initial occurrence, we were then verbally assaulted by four or five African-American men who called us “faggots” and berated one of our African-American students for being friends with us. The truth needs to come out. I pray that you read this …

Phillips told a Detroit newspaper that he had “tried to keep the peace between a group of mostly white students attending a March for Life event and a gathering of about four black members of a religious group known as the Black Hebrew Israelites.” He added: “These young men were beastly and these old black individuals was their prey.” He claimed that the students had chanted “build the wall” — a claim that the student above explicitly denied.

Phillips also told the Washington Post “he felt threatened by the teens and that they swarmed around him.” But the full video makes it clear he had approached the students, who were already there, rather than the other way around....

One individual is seen on video telling the students, “White people, go back to Europe, where you came from,” as Phillips was still banging on his drum.

“This is not your land,” the individual continued, adding other racial epithets.

The Gateway Pundit also pointed out that Phillips had been involved in similar confrontations before.

On Saturday, cartoonist and political commentator Scott Adams said that the students had behaved like “assholes.”

On Sunday, he apologized for that remark and called the entire story “fake news,” saying that CNN and other news sources had inverted the perpetrator and the victim. He added that the full video suggested that the students had acted with composure under the circumstances, and had objected to a gay slur being used by one of their opponents...."


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